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I'm a Korean! I live in Korea. This has been always occured errors...-.-;;;

Error updating: Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]

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Actually I used this add-on for a long time and thought it was a nice addition.

However I just realized, that Greasefire delays *every* page load (even when only switching tabs) by a considerable amount of time on the order of several hundred milliseconds! While this doesn't sound that much it makes browsing experience much more sluggish.

Despite this obvious flaw, Greasefire isn't very useful anymore anyway: Since is down and the list of userscripts can't be updated anymore it does not make much sense to keep it installed.

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<span>Thank-you, greasefire has made webpages tame, allowing the finding of userscripts. But it stopped working recently but by changing only a couple lines I got it working again using the :8080 site os Extract greasefire 1.08.xpi as a zip and seach for you will find it in install.rdf (just description here and changing version #), picker.js (changed line 13 to const US_BASE = "<a href=""></a>"; and line 130 to // clicked links go back to <a href=""></a></span>
I then rezipped file changed name to .xpi extension and dropped onto the addons page about:addons gl all

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Awesome Add-On! Simply Love It! A Must-Have for Grease-Monkey Fans!

Nice idea, but... Ohodnoceno 2 z 5 hvězdiček

While the idea is very nice, the follow through and execution is lacking.

Index fails to update and after consulting google I have found out that this has been a VERY long term issue. Not much use to an extension if it can't do what it promises.

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虽然这个功能还不错 但是搜集到的脚本都是这个扩展发布之前出的 看来还是得靠人工更新索引吧

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My son needed this, and now he has it!

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when viewing what avaliable scripts there is, need to block from view certain ones. especially when there is spam scripts shown too.

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good addon ,i love it

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extension is outdated and doesn't work with new scripts

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If you are about to start complaining about how "derp, that grease munkie hunky, whosamawhatsit don't update no more?!?!?!" Take a deep breath, and then realize that these add-ons don't make themselves. Furthermore, the good add-ons are usually done by people for free. This is one of them.
Here's the deal, development has been taken up by a very nice developer-type person after it was dropped over a year ago by the previous developer. To clean up the code and connect everything properly takes time (especially when the person doing the work is donating their time, and it is not as important of a priority as... say.... Their job!?!?!?) So If you find a bug, that hasn't been filed yet, post it in the proper place. If you feel somehow entitled to having your "effing scripts effing update!" Go away, do something productive, or bring something to the conversation.

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It really annoys me to see this great add-on dies every time because of the lack of support ... thanks for the people who keep updating this add-on.. really, greasefire without this add-on is handicapped.

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A working updated version of Greasefire:

Above is the most recent working version with latest database.

Listing of other versions, newer ones may appear over time.

The reason for this info is because the regular Greasefire extension on your addons page, won't update anymore, it only shows scripts several years old and nothing newer. Installing the version linked above and pressing Update will fix the problem.

Discussion thread of Greasefire issues by the authors:

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Not maintained anymore.

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It works like a magic with Geasemonky,I just didn't know how to find scripts, with this addon, I could find the RIGHT script at the RIGHT webpage.Amazing!

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Extremely buggy and slow.
1. Shows links for UserScripts that DON'T exist.
2. Doesn't show links for some UserScripts that DO exist.
3. Sometimes the script overview window doesn't show anything.

This plugin is a hassle to use, it is much easier to just search userscripts manually.

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This is a wonderful add-on. It allows you to easily find scripts that may be available for a site you are visiting. There are only 2 things I’ve found that are frustrating for me. The first is very minor; when reviewing a script, it opens in a new window instead of a tab. It would be great if it where a changeable option.

The second frustrating aspect is the fact that I cannot find anyway to filter out unwanted scripts from constantly showing up on every site. For example, there are at least two scripts that show up as available on Every site I visit. There are many that have been flagged as either useless, or possibly as being malware, yet they still show up in the available list.

If there were a way to add to, or modify the existing Exlude.dat file, it would be an easy 5 star for me.

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All page loading, and even scrolling previously opened pages, hesitates for a second. Some clicked actions in Firefox do the same thing. It all returns to normal when Greasefire is Disabled. We need a checkbox to disable Greasefire scanning until we're ready to use it. Restarting to Enable, then again to Disable sucks.

I really love this addon and am excited that both GM and this still work so well with Firefox 12. However, I'll be running with it Disabled mostly.

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