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I really like Grab and Drag, it's one of the few add-ons with an actual beneficial bonus in my opinion and it works a lot better than similar add-ons (or scripts, like for Chrome).
It's pretty smooth at scrolling, as well as pretty easy to use.
There's just one thing I'd like to propose for a future version - that is: a "max sensitivity" mode, probably with an even shorter time and smaller deceleration sensitivity, making it even easier to initiate the momentum for people who are not fast enough to coordinate their actions. Basically, this should always initiate the momentum as long as the time between dragging the cursor and releasing the mouse button is shorter than a certain amount of milliseconds (let's say 250 ms), no matter which one happens first, so even if one would stop dragging first and then release the button, it would still initiate the momentum at the last cursor speed recorded before dragging stopped. I'm proposing this because it still happens about every 5th time I want to scroll, dragging too fast and releasing the button a bit too late, so it doesn't do anything and I have to do it again - as I experience times when I'm obviously better at coordinating myself and times when I'm just as bad and consequently fuzzy at it.

Also, on a side note, scrolling *has* become a bit "stuttering" with the latest versions of Firefox. I'm not sure if that in particular is Firefox's or GaD's fault or some compatibility issue (or even some people's graphics drivers) - maybe a bit of everything, but scrolling via the mouse wheel or the scroll bars induces a very similar effect (with FF8), so it's definitely not just something solely GaD was to blame for.

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