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Verze 237.8 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 56.*

+ added some services: eBookstore, Support, Teach Parents Tech, Plus - Games, Plus - Circles, Plus - Profile, Plus - Photos, Wallet, Offers
* renamed some services
- removed a lot of obsolete services.
- removed the old icons. Now only the new ones are available.
- removed update bug of version

Verze 373.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 15.*

+ added some services: Google Plus, Plus One, Music Beta
* modified some functions/URLs
* changed FF max-version to 9.*

Verze 349.8 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 8.*

- removed unicode bug in custom button name
- removed unnecessary 18px icons
+ added Reader - Subscribe, Chrome Web Store, Art Project, Shared Spaces, Android Market, Apps Status Dashboard
* some slight adjustments

Verze 441.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 4.0.*

- fixed CMD-key bug on Macs
- fixed "GMail this" bug
+ added Google Books Ngram Viewer, Google Docs - Upload files, Google Docs viewer, Body Browser, YouTube Search Stories
+ added new iconset
+ added 18px icons to new iconset to avoid resizing in FF4 (set it in the advanced options tab)
+ added new selectable icons for drop down menu (see also advanced options)
* now compatible with FF4b9pre
# happy new year!

Verze 2.1.4 295.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 4.0b8pre

+ added Google Android Developers, Image Swirl, Music India, reCaptcha, TVC, Web Toolkit
+ added new Google icon set (can be reverted to normal in the settings dialog)
* modified hover effect for toolbar button

Verze 2.1.2 211.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 4.0b8pre

+ added export and import functionality for syncing installation on different PCs/OSs
+ added Google New, Apps Marketplace, Transparency Report, App Inventor, Ejabat, Phone Gallery, Google TV
* updated locales
* updated some icons
* updated CSS
- removed bug in 'remove image' button disableing

Verze 2.1.1 203.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 4.0b8pre

+ added Bookmark this
+ added Map this
+ added support for custom name of services
+ added Picnik
+ added Google Scribe
+ added GMail this support for Google Apps domain
+ added GMark this for Bookmarks Lists
+ Docs: new doc, new spreadsheet, new presentation, new form, new from template, new drawing
+ Mail: new mail
+ Calendar: new event
+ added Co-op - Add URL
+ added Pacman
+ added chrome extensions and chrome extensions developer dashboard
+ added checkbox for filter
* landing page will not be shown on beta versions
* updated locales
* added nicer Goo.gl code
- removed buggy services movement with arrow keys
- removed add settings button bug
- removed bug from b3 in settings refresh left list (leftTreeFilter bug)
- removed settings window size bug for Mac OS (by renaming the window id)
- removed bug in adding custom button dialog

Verze 2.1.0 189.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 4.0b4

+ added GBuzz this, GNote this, GRead this, Google Wenda
+ now an image from the user can be selected as icon for a custom button
* new canvas for buzz when opened in sidebar
* new goo.gl code (bookmarklet)
* updated zh-CN locales
* fixed some bugs when no or all services are selected
* made compatible with FF 4.0b4pre
- removed a settings error
- removed bug in custom button icons
- removed a bug on always loading firstLoad
- removed some mistakes and duplicates from the install.js

Verze 2.0.9 185.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 4.0b1

+ added feature to select, add, remove, and move more than one service at a time in settings trees
+ added Aardvark, YouTube Leanback, Google Submit your content, Google Store, Panoramio, Postini, Talk
+ added context menu for trees
+ added full custom url button support
+ added separator support
* updated some locales
* new arrangement of buttons in settings
* adjust height/width of settings window and trees
* changed AdPlanner icon

Verze 2.0.6 158.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a5pre

+ added Groups, Video, and Wave for Google Apps
+ added 2 custom buttons (changeable by the user, icon is set automatically to the favicon of the entered URL)
+ added Google Buzz, Google Currrency Converter (Finance), Google Bookmarks Lists, Google Bookmarks Labels, Google Blog Directory, Google Sets, Google Music China, Google SMS Channels (India only), Google App Engine, Google Font Directory, and Google Fusion Tables
* updated icon for Google Blog and Google Image Search
* changed default URL for Google Web Search from http to https

Verze 2.0.5 146.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a5pre

+ added About tab in settings
+ added GOOG-411, Movies

Verze 2.0.4 141.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a5pre

- removed first start bug
- removed Google Places bug
- removed de-DE
+ added Android Market Developer Console, Mac Search, BSD Search, Custom Search, Government Requests, GmailThis, Microsoft Search, US Government Search
+ added de
+ added tr-TR
* updated da-DK

Verze 2.0.3 135.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a5pre

* renamed Local Business Center to Places
* reformatted 2 locales
+ added Browser Size, Code Search, Linux Search, Transliteration
- fixed dropdown menu not closing after middle click bug

Verze 2.0.2 133.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a5pre

+ added locales for fi-FI and pt-PT
+ renamed Google Shopping into Google Product Search

Verze 1.9.2 90.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a4pre

+ added Goo.gl URL shortener
+ added Google Reader Play

Verze 1.9.1 88.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a3pre

+ added full support for personalized Google Apps URLs for Email, Calendar, Docs, Contacts and Sites. Be sure to adjust your settings in the advanced tab.
- removed bug, where it won't let you change the location

* some adjustments

Verze 1.9.0 87.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.7a3pre

+ support for FF 3.7a3pre
+ added Google Product Ideas

+ added vi
# adjusted some languages

Verze 1.8.9 85.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.6.*

* added Tooltips for most of the services
* added a possibility to enter Google Apps domain name in settings
* added a possibility to change the location of the subtitles (bottom or right hand side of the icon) in the toolbar

New Services:
* Google Traffic Estimator (Adwords)
* Google Profiles
* Google News Archive
* Google Page Creator (added again)

New Languages:
* ar, eo, pl, sr-RS, zh-TW

Verze 1.8.5 74.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.6.*

* added some new l10ns

Verze 1.8.4 72.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.6.*

* added Friend Connect
* added Hindi l10n: hi-IN
* added first run page

Verze 1.8.2 70.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.6.*

* added Dictionary
* added Tasks
* added 3D Warehouse
* added new languages: tr-TR, uk-UA, it-IT

Verze 1.8.0 69.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.6.*

* added Google Tasks

Verze 1.7.6 67.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.6.*

* removed the javascript bug

Verze 1.7.3 66.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.6.*

* added localization for en-US
* added localization for de-DE
* modified settings dialog
* removed JavaScript error of version 1.7.2

Verze 1.7 74.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.5.*

* added Patent Search, Ad Manager, External Keyword Tools, Insights, Transit, Translate, Wave, and Website Optimizer
* changed name from "GButts" to "Google Shortcuts"

Verze 1.6.3 68.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.5.*

* added YouTube
* changed URL auf Google Alerts

Verze 1.6.2 68.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.5.*

* added Google Voice

Verze 1.6.1 67.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.5.*

changed version from 3.5b4 to 3.5.*

Verze 1.6 67.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.5b4

* added support for FF3.5b4
* added Google Feedburner
* added Google Contacts
* replaced Froogle with Google Product Search
* replaced Google icon
* replaced drop-down-menu icon with Google icon

Verze 1.5.9 66.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0a1 - 3.1b1

* ready for 3.1b1
* updated two icons (Google Analytics, Google Health)