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Nice but somehow messes with Outlook (using Firefox 24, Windows 8). The mail options (Reply, Delete, Archive, Move...) disappear from the top bar and are replaced by a single red "privacy violated" icon. Those options reappear once Google Privacy is disabled.

EDIT: thanks for the tip, disabling gPrivacy for Bing worked. I didn't report this bug from the main page because it seems to require a Google account, which I don't have and don't want (and isn't this requirement a bit odd for an add on meant to stop Google tracking? :D)

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Disable Bing

Well, this is not really a place for bug reports (the support link is right on the add-on page), but as a temporary measure you could try to disable gPrivacy only for 'Bing', while we check this. This should disable it for all the Microsoft websites, including Outlook.

EDIT: Yes, I know about the Google account requirement - but there's no way to change this on Google Code. But sooner or later we'll migrate to github...