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  • I started to use multi account containers and the extension stopped working.
  • Great work. I've tried all the notifiers and this is the best. Works flawlessly.
  • If I could only have one extension, this would be it! I love to be able to 'hear' my Gmail emails when they arrive, and to be able to peek at the contents without opening Gmail. The developer is constantly updating this extension, which I'm using in Firefox. Great stuff!
  • How can I use like the old version, open the quick view even when there are no unread mails? I have 3 gmail accounts and only see them without opening gmail.com. Long time ago I could just switch in between accounts in the quick view.
  • This looks good so far.... Thanks Dev Team @FF :)
  • Generalnie OK, ale nie mogę sobie poradzić by otwierał inbox zamiast wszystkich wiadomości.
  • i have no sound when there is a email,have try to change it,bud that works,
  • удобно быстрый доступ к почте