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  • Usando Gmail™ Notifier desde hace varios años, sin inconvenientes. Simplemente funciona bien. Lo malo: No hace café ;)
  • Cet add-on ne fonctionne pas, il reste désespérément bleu sans afficher le nombre de messages reçus non-lus. Il y a tromperie sur la marchandise.
  • New using this and is very fast and easy fo someone like me no thrills
  • using for about 3 years without any problem and security issue. Thanks Gmail Notifier (restartless)
  • Great!
  • It's simple and it works properly 99% of the time.
  • New permission request (access Google mail data) for v.0.9.5 is not explained.
  • This straight up sucks. I can't read anything this notifier pulls up because of the bright white background with light blue lettering.

    I go to the settings to see if I can make the background dark. Nope. All these settings are just too fucking much and not one of them can change the background and/or the text color.

    -1 is my score for this addon.
  • would be better if it wasn't so slow to load messages and mark then as read faster or in the background.
  • The addon doesn't work. It doesn't see any of my 2 accounts I am logged into, Icon stays blue.

    I added the exception for "mail.google.com" cookies, and even tried to allow all cookies, but this did nothing.

    Prior to Quantum update this addon was working fine...
  • Can't find how to view list of newest emails. Can't disable other email and using primary email only. Please improve these.
  • вместо открытия почты открывается всплывающее окошко. Верните как было или подскажите как настроить? А пока отключаю - мне не нужно всплывающее окошко.
  • :ok_hand:
  • After switching to Firefox Quantum in last year "mark as read" function stop working properly. I was expecting the developer to fix it, but nothing has changed. Why do i need this addon if i can't mark my emails as read without opening gmail in new tab.
  • cxc
  • 4 star for very handy and quick notification. Completing the missing element of sound notification of google.
    -1 for not transferring to inbox. It divert to gmail only.
  • everything.. sorry no time now
  • OK
  • Very handy because Outlook email has a sound notification for incoming emails. This addon is handy because Google has everything except a sound notification. There's 1 little flaw I am seeing, when an incoming email comes in...I get a separate popup saying to "Login to my account". This issue needs to be fixed and other than that, this is very handy to have.

    Also like the options it provides.
  • Goood. Makes faster to check mails.
  • Muy buena y muy contento

  • this sucks!!!!!!!!1
  • xsadcasdas
  • работает и удобен