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  • I really wanted this addon!! But can't see the button on Github.

  • Good

  • like it

  • 安全問題

  • Works perfectly!

  • I saw fix in the github. How long time need for update it here?

    Odpověď vývojáře

    It is now available.

  • Essential, highly recommended! Opens a new world (to those who begin using it)

  • My normal ROM flashing routine looks like this: build nightly every 12 hours which cannot be released until I flash it on my own device..so Firefox is usually in need of some loving. First, to make the web traversable, I install last pass. Then I go to github and install the latest version of unlock, only just given the mobule treatment it deserved...and now, I can sufficiently say this is the only extension I've found so necessary that it makes the list with last pass... If you use github you want this.

  • Congratulations for the add-on. It is very convenient to get the latest development versions before being officially released. Moreover, unlike userscript, is direct and safe. Only suggest that if it is possible to check that the extension is really for Firefox. Thank you.

  • Simple and useful.

  • much thanks for taking into consideration our feedback.

    you know the real reason i realized why i just find this addon so awesome. i used to use builder.addons.mozilla.org for 2 reasons, because of commits and 1 click install to test. it was super but they decided to take it down now >_<

    but thats ok cuz i found github which is greater.

    only thing that would be nice is if there was an uninstall feature on this, but thats just a lazy bum feature as i can just go to addon manager and uninstall, but it would be nice so i dont have to open a another tab.

    sometimes i just do some testing on an addon, remove it and continue with browsing, thats why uninstalling in place was nice.

  • Makes it easily to install extensions from GitHub repositories without having to download the sources and repackage them.