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Proč byl ghForkable vytvořen?

What led to ghForkable's creation?
I help people with Firefox addons. So I make a bunch of templates and upload them as gists. Now I had some trouble forking my own template to make more advanced templates. There was no "Fork" button there.

So I searched Bing for "fork own gist" and came across this stackoverflow topic here. That led me to the Gist here by johan.

This gist was not kept up to date, Gists at GitHub had undergone a redesign. So I searched for a more updated Gist and came finally across U-D13's Gist here

This Gist was much more recent and worked decently. It was quite well written, it just needed some tweaks. It also needed explanation for how Firefox users could use it as U-D13 made it a bookmarklet for Google Chrome users. Bookmarklets are not allowed in Firefox, and I agree with this it's a security concern AND the scratchpad is just gorgeous and so much more powerful. Can save scripts and run them from where you expect, not from the bookmarks which you expect to take to a website.

Anyways I forked U-D13's Gist and fixed some stuff up and explained how Firefox users can use it. This Gist is located here.

I then made an addon out of it for Firefox because it is very simple and shows new users how to use chrome.manifest to inject scripts into websites. New FF Addon devs run into the security permission error a ton.

Co je dalšího u ghForkable plánováno

Nothing really, just looking forward to feedback, and will fix if any errors come up.

The future for this addon is really a lesson/template for new FF Addon devs on injecting into websites and listening to websites.

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Kdo je Noitidart?

I am all about FF Addon Dev and helping others with their dev. At my website you can find addon dev resources (@Gists), my addons in progress (@GitHub), and how to reach me for help (@StackOverflow).