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Sorry, this extension is not available for Firefox 36 for Android, please fix it.

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Do what it says. Helpful.

Using for 2 days and doing a great job so far Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Using firefox v34.0.5 and it's been doing a great job so far. My FF memory usage used to go to over 1 GB routinely and this has been keeping it under 500 MB. So far, so good! I have the timer set for 10mins.

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can't see any effect on memory usage. desktop firefox28.0

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an explanation of the difference between "garbage collection," "cycle collection" and "memory minimization" would be helpful. this is a long-standing issue with this add-on. the developer should realize that his understanding is not self-apparent to users.

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I've had jittery (mouse) scrolling in Firefox at least since more than 6 or 7 years if I remember right. It feels as if the computer is slow. This doesn't happen in firefox with zero addons; I have like 42 addons and 10 Greasemonkey userscripts.

That being said, this add-on is a blessing. After using for more than 3 weeks now, I'm happy to say I don't have scroll lags anymore. I love Firefox again.

PS: I set timer to 5 minutes.

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I'm sorry to interfere. The GUI is beautiful and easy to access and it is restartless addon.

Otherwise, you just bookmark about:memory in the bookmark toolbar for installation-free.

Hace bien lo que se supone debe hacer Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

No pretende arreglar Firefox sino hacer accesible las opciones de about:memory. Ni más ni menos. Y lo hace de manera impecable.
Quejarse de otros temas no relativos al complemento en sí no tiene sentido.

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This addon is just a simple interface to access the Mozilla's built in Memory Cleaning Features.

One can access that page by simply navigating to : about:memory

I would say this addon is rather nice that it allows to automate the clicking process and notifies you....

If this addon is not working for you, then this is not the addon developers fault..

The only way to truely free memory and reinitialize everything is to restart firefox. I will suggest you to install the Memory Restart addon which will actually restart the whole browser when a certain boundary will be reached.

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This addon works great for me. I use it multiple times/day. Thank you

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Well it works I usually have about 350mb to 750mb of ram taken by Firefox and this ext, dropped that down instantly by 10mb. And that immediately went back up another 5mb. So I dropped 5mb ram usage. Take from this what you will.

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My problem with Firefox slowing down as I use it continues, even with this add-on. I'm using desktop/Win 8.1/64 bit/8 MB RAM. I changed timer from 5 minutes to 3 min. Notifications confirm "Memory Minimization Complete." Manual use of Alt+M is not effective either. I still have to close Firefox and reopen it to get speed back. (It is crawling right now after the latest notification with only 5 tabs open !!!!!)

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Works without problems! Easy to use and it does what's intended to do: it reduces the well needed memory used by the Firefox browser. I love the automatic cleanup feature. I have even installed it on a portable Firefox browser...

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Is it just me or does the widget panel never show when you're in the private browsing mode?Otherwise I like this ad-on.

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Yes, the widget panel won't appear in private browsing mode. Thanks for pointing that out. This would be added in the next update in a few days.

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If set 5 minutes in Timer setting then automatically clean all compartments right?
If yes why don't see the notification?

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Hi happysurf,

I have tested the addon by setting the timer to 5 minutes and it works fine, I get the notification. Please check if the Notifications preferences is ON.
If it still doesn't work, please provide your environment details. That might be helpful in reproducing this problem.


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I see what it is doing now but where is the 3 button widget panel you speak of?

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Oops! that was for some old version of the add-on. Now it has 5 options in the panel, including the 3 memory management options.
Thanks for pointing that out :)

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Made no difference to my firefox. Am I doing something wrong? Also, why can I only access the settings if I go to the add-ons page? Great idea but made no difference.

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Hi earthdog1965,

This add-on has no special algorithm or any such special function which cleans up the memory. If you read the add-on description, it clearly mentions that it just helps you reach the options under about:memory page without visiting that page. Saves your time. Those memory operations are Firefox internal memory operations and are more effective when you have a lot of tabs with huge sized pages open.

Also, generally in Firefox add-on settings are accessed under their respective add-on page.

Hope this helps you understand about this add-on.


needs more features like also relying to about:addons-memory addon Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

It must also have a button that leads to about:addons-memory which is another add-on... I like the about:addons-memory addon.... please add a button in the addon

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Does Not Remember Settings Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

I run Firefox 28.

I changed the Hotkey setting - unchecked it so that Alt+m does not activate this add-on.
I changed the Key setting from 'm' to 'n'.

But after restarting Firefox, Alt+m still runs this add-on.

But Alt+m MUST be the Menu shortcut, you cannot hijack it for your add-on.

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It remembers now

Hi Khun,

Thanks for finding the bug in remembering the settings. This has been fixed and a new version of addon has been sent for review to AMO. Would be available in a few hours.

About the hijack of alt+m, can you make it clear where do you have that key combination as Menu shortcut? Which platform and which firefox?


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I get that it is supposed to free up memory occupied by a closed tab, but the specific options seem ambiguous. Help file tells how to use shortkeys but doesn't show what each function really does. Garbage collection vs Cycle collection, for instance. Memory minimization is meaningless as it could mean different things.

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