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  • Great ext. Love it
  • - Search Spider Simulator hidden (did not find it after 15 min seach)
    - clicking a link opens result page in a new tab behind the page. to see it the toll will be closed. to see a diffrent result, have to open the tool again and navigate through all the menu items.

    not useable any more.
    Incredible improvement for the worse ; (
  • Nice
  • Just in the time saving aspect. bonus the resource rich content web sites that speed up your research needs.
  • it has great views here, letme try this one!
  • I've been using Foxy SEO for years now to help run my e-commerce business and it's a giant time saver. The contact form at foxyseotool.com doesn't seem to be working so I'm making a recommendation here that I hope the developer sees.

    Compete.com has been discontinued unfortunately, and it'd be great if this could be replaced with SimilarWeb in the profile section.

    Otherwise this add-on is pretty close to perfect and I think it's a must have for site owners and SEOs alike.
  • the tools gives quick seo report
  • Probably I shouldn't write a review for an add-on like this because I'm a newbie in the SEO field but I think it's important to show gratitude when you find something very useful and somebody worked hard to give a free contribution to the community.

    In my small experience, I found tons fo add-ons for SEO with a lot of redundant and useless functions, while they were lacking of relevant features.

    In my opinion, hhis add-on has the best and complete range of SEO functions you can look for, with the double advantage for a not expert to discover both the tasks you must know and the tools to perform those ones. Just to mention some of my favourite functions: Google search operators, Alexa traffic, Profile (not even if it's not intuitive to understand its meaning: BuiltWith, NetCraft, OpenSiteExplorer, SEMRush), CopyScape, Tools (especially Search Spider Simulator, that was the reason I tried this add-on).

    So, thanks a lot McNulty, you really exceeded the expectations!
  • Has tons of choices for information just a few clicks away. Even more then what some people may need which is always a bonus. Hopefully they will put links in the future to SEO ranking websites. Such as WooRank and WebRankStats. Cause if i can access more then one site with 1 add-on vs 3 add-on that only favor their own site I think we all know who wins.
  • There is a lot of overlap between Foxy SEO and some of the other add-ond that we use. The single reason we keep it on is for its Search Spider Simulator; it's the best one we've found yet in a FF add-on.

    As useful as that particular spidering tool is, it's buggy: Once you use the Search that the Spider Simulator it thinks it's still in use, after a page-refresh or even a visit to another website.

    This longstanding bug requires a trip through multiple sub-menus to turn it off, and a second trip to turn it back on.

    Even with that annoyance, I still recommend it and use it frequently.
  • Super barre d'outils, très complète, très utile, bravo et merci !
  • Super barre d'outils, très complète, très utile, bravo et merci !
  • I love this extension
  • I love this extension
  • One of 5 best SEO tools I have. It helps me for my everyday job. I recommended it to many friends.
  • SEO tool is really well done, very rich in all the information that even the most SEO experts can derive great value. Perhaps the only improvement possible is that you can move the navigation bar. I created the site www.netmar.it thanks to this valuable tool SEO. Regards
  • I agree, now I spend more time optimizing, rather than searching out data.

    Karen M
  • This is by far the best SEO Toolset/toolbar out there. I used SEOpen, SEO Toolbar, Bruce Clays SEM Toolbar....none of them touch this...the only feature(s) I woudl say are needed are:
    1.) A pagerank bar...instead of the dropdown and website link
    2.) A button with YOUR top 10 SEO sites, (seomoz, wmw, etc)

    I use this puppy ALL THE TIME...In fact, I pretty much built http://www.websiteconsultants.org because of that toolbar...lol
  • Without a doubt, the BEST SEO Add-on that exists! I have tried several others that have worked great, but none encompass as much functionality as this one. Executes flawlessly! Thank you!
  • Excellent... du très bon travail... very good work and quite useful tool.
  • This is a fantastic beginners or site owners tool for SEO to allow them to really get their site listed and then monitored to services and places that matter...it almost is a road map to "SEO Social linking" to get your site noticed. -SoCalCreations