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Firefox 35.0.1 / Forecastfox v2.2.4. it's Saturday 1/31. my "Now:" was stuck on last Tuesday (presumably the day Firefox updated to v35.01). i closed Firefox, renamed "forecastfox.sqlite" > "forecastfox.sqlite.BAK". opened Firefox, reconfig'd my Forecastfox prefs. STILL behind but apparently only by 12 hours. my "Now:" says 11:50pm, it's 10:59am as i type this. everything else seems to be working but now i have to go elsewhere for current conditions, possibly even (gasp) outside. looks like Forecastfox is doomed. if i knew how to get it up to current Firefox specs i'd fork it. maybe some day.

UPDATE: current conditions ("Now:") were briefly only a few minutes behind real time. looked good. i hit "Reload Weather Data" and "Now:" reverted back to 11:50pm last night with corresponding temp. great.

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Many thanks for this fix Alexxx!!
Updated to the 2.2.4 version, no help.
Disabled the adblock first, no help.
Deleted the forecastfox.sqlite file and it's now working great again!!
Also set my Firefox to NOT update!!
Thanks again Alexxx!!

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Found the file. deleted it and nothing has changed.
Only way to update the forecasts is using a VPN and change your locations, but that means it is to much trouble, and it is sad this service is down. Every update makes Firefox worse. I have saved my best configurations to an extern disc. Why do they do this? I used to love this browser. Now i don't really know what's going on here.
From now on I will never update Firefox, because it has gone from the best browser to "you never know what those bastards are are up to this time"... Updating is now a dangerous game. Seems like they get a kick out of fooling us who have followed and supported them!

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Don't Worry, Be Happy: ForecastFox Still Working Fine Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

If you are having problems with ForecastFox, exit Firefox. Then go to your Firefox profile directory and delete the forecastfox.sqlite file. Restart Firefox and ForecastFox should be working fine. You will probably need to update your personal preferences in ForecastFox options, though.

I have tried this on several computers running both OSX and Windows, and it's worked on all. (I don't know if this also fixes the non-English language problem, as I am not affected; but it certainly fixed everything else for me.)

Please note that, if you are installing ForecastFox from scratch on Firefox 35+, you may have to bump up the max version in the install.rdf.

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This is an excellent add-on. It has always helped me plan everything from activities to what kind of clothing I should wear or bring with me, or if I should have my umbrella on the way to school. I *really* hope that the team who makes this add-on is on-top of making it work for the latest version of Firefox, because I cannot even deal with these other lousy, non-working weather add-ons I'm having to use in its place since my update. =/

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I'll miss this add on, im glad my FF on on my laptop still has it, no weather add-on will as good as this one was. i silently hope somebody will revamp forecast fox

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Working, but needs to change language to english. However, last problems with updating data are caused by accuweather website, not this addon.

Forecastfox is Dead - I'll Miss It Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Forecastfox now doesn't even sync in English. I suppose Accuweather has put all their resources into the mobile version. Will someone please hack the mobile version to make it work on the desktop? Thank you.

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Uma Alternativa para continuar utilizando / An Alternative to continue using Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Uma alternativa que consegui resolver !!!!

-Baixe o arquivo forecastfox-latest.xpi
-Descompacte em uma pasta o arquivo forecastfox-latest.xpi utilizando o 7-ZIP
- Dentro desta pasta vão conter (chrome) chrome.manifest forecast..., icon e install.
-Abra com o bloco de notas o arquivo install
-Modifique a linha <em:maxVersion>22.0 para <em:maxVersion>35.0 e salve o arquivo (assim se tornará compatível com a versão do firefox atual)
-Abra a pasta Chrome, descompacte também o arquivo forecastfox.jar em uma pasta
-Localize a pasta content/locale, faça um backup renomeando o arquivo forecastfox-en.json para forecastfox-en_bkp.json
-renomeie o arquivo referente a sua linguagem, no meu caso forecastfox-pt-BR.json para forecastfox-en.json (assim ele vai conseguir atualizar os dados mas traduzido para seu idioma)
-Para finalizar, selecione todos os arquivos extraídos do forecastfox.jar compacte ele para e renomeie para forecastfox.jar
-Após isso selecione todos os arquivos descompactados do forecastfox-lastest e compacte ele para ZIP depois renomeie para forecastfox-latest.xpi
-Pronto, os dados meteorológicos serão atualizados e alguns itens no seu idioma.


An alternative that could resolve !!!!

-Lower The Forecastfox-latest.xpi file
-Descompacte In a folder the Forecastfox-latest.xpi file using 7-Zip
- Inside this folder will contain (chrome) chrome.manifest forecast ..., icon and install.
-Open With Notepad the install file
-Modifique The line <em:maxVersion>22.0 to <em:maxVersion>35.0 and save the file (thus becomes compatible with the current version of firefox)
-Open The Chrome folder also unzip the file to a folder forecastfox.jar
Locate the folder content / locale, back up renaming the file to Forecastfox-en.json Forecastfox-en_bkp.json
-renomeie the file for your language in my Forecastfox-pt-BR.json case for Forecastfox-en.json (so it will be able to update the data but translated into your language)
-To Finish, select all the extracted files forecastfox.jar compress it to and rename it to forecastfox.jar
-After This select all the unzipped files of Forecastfox-lastest and compress it to zip then rename it to Forecastfox-latest.xpi
-Ready, Meteorological data will be updated and some items in your language.

Не работает с Русским языком в Firefox 35 Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Не работает с Русским языком в Firefox 35
Просьба найти решение и возобновить поддержку и работоспособность дополнения с русским языком.

------------- English Translate ----------------------
Does not work with the Russian language in Firefox 35
Please find a solution and resume support and addon operation with the Russian language.

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A legjobb,sajna a firefox utóbbi verzióihoz nem kompatibilis. Ezt jó lenne javítani...!!!!

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Перестал работать в новых версиях.

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This Add-on (Version 2.2.4!) worked like a charm for many years. Also no problems with Australis. Since FF35 and FF36beta Forecastfox is broken. A workaround is possible but sooner or later Forecastfox will be dead. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a new version in years, so I guess, developement has completely stopped.

Strangely enough, there is still no good (small, simple) alternative to Forecastfox in developement. Or is there? Please recommend!

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Forecastfox ONLY works with English language selected. That's a slap to the rest of the world. Shame on it.

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First install: "Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks"
1. You must go to settings "Forecastfox Weather"
2. You need to enable English
3. Is Required restore the initial settings by clicking the button below
4. Customize as you wish.
Works in FF35 only then!

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HOW USE FORECAST Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

To use this extension FORECAST, that works correctly with Mozilla Firefox, all versions,, need to do so, namely, uninstall the current mozilla browser that you use, then look for a new version Mozilla browser between FF18- ---- FF 20. Then the Mozilla browser settings, uncheck the box to automatically update browser. Do not check nothing in this window.
Install any of these versions of Mozilla in the initial phase. Then install FORECAST version 1.4.10. Choose the settings you want ..
Then install add the "DISABLE ADD-ON CHECK COMPATIBILITY" version 1.3
Then install the add-on version 3.2 BAR THE ADDON
After these steps, you can update any version of FF-3o, 31,32,33,34,35, to any version you want. But beware, you do so manually. FORECAST by ALL version of FF.

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Killing another popular app - just another slap in the face from Firefox to end-users and addon developers. The Firefox developers' club is an egocentric social group that utterly lacks a moral compass or common sense. "Nihilists" is perhaps the best way to describe them. Their compulsive tweaking has caused untold grief amongst the end-user community and the developers have done so defiantly and often rather rudely. They really don't care what average Firefox users think. Just ask them! The alpha-tester/developers please only themselves.

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Xfa alguien me puede ayudar a instalar Forecastfox Weather en Firefox 35.0.... Gracias
mi correo es

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Not compatible Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Been using this addon for a while now and love it. I just upgraded my Palemoon browser to 25.1.0 (x64) and for some reason I had to reinstall the weather app. Installed OK but when I click on the settings button it freezes my whole browser. The only way out is via the task manager. I hope this gets addressed because I have come to really enjoy this addon.

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Need to Update Compatibility please ill upgrade review when you do