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FF has updated to v.29 and now I can't use ForecastFox and this is not acceptable, however I don't seem to be able to do a damn thing about it and this is the only add-on I would choose if you could only have one. Please update to make it v.29 friendly ASAP!!!!!!!

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Forecastfox Weather has always been my number one Add-on choice (Ad Block is a close second...). I even chose to stop participating as a Beta tester, because Forecastfox wasn't supported in the last 2 releases!

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One of the best add-on I have on my Firefox for years now. Besides the weather forecast, it provides me with local time at any place on the globe.

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Excellent module, très configurable mais qui nécessiterait des mises à jour notamment pour qu'il soit compatible avec Firefox 29.

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Always loved this little app for my weather report, but it now seriously needs updating for FF29 and Nightly use. So please, please Mr. Developer make this happen. Oh, by the way, adding on The Puzzle Piece will give you the bottom panel necessary to show Forecastfox in the newest FF versions (if it ever gets made compatible again).

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Needs to be updated to be fully compatible with Firefox 29 (Australis). Still works, but cannot be moved.

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I like it because I can see what my home, as well as my friends home's weather is. It is also great during football season; I can keep up with the weather were ever my teams are playing. Been using it for years, and plan to continue. ONLY problem I have is the radar doesn't refresh unless I restart Firefox on Win-XP..

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Looks great, best so far. Gotta run it around the block a few times, so let's see how it shakes out...

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I am using lots of different weather services, and this is easily one of the best.

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Used to work fine. Needs updating (FF 27,0.1).

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Worked great for the past year, but today just stopped working and cannot get it going. Can't figure out why cuz I didn't change anything at all.
Needs updates or fixes...Thanks.
Using Firefox 27.0.1

Not work on Firefox 29.0a2 Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Not work on FireFox 29.0a2
please update it,tks

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I always check the weather the minute before I go out, so the need for this kind of add-on is crucial to me. A really helpful little ad, working perfectly here in New York.

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Muy adaptable a los gustos del usuario.

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Hi! I did a fresh install of Firefox yesterday (removed previous configurations etc. since it was a long time ago I had it in my Ubuntu and wanted to make sure there are no compatibility issues). I have installed a bunch of extensions such as NoScript, AdBlock Edge, Ghosty etc. Even when those are disabled I'm still unable to add a new location. New York is the default one (it cannot be removed but can be renamed) and nothing else appears when I use the search field for new locations. At first I thought it was the city I was choosing (although not as famous as some capital it is still there on the map and it's present on the website of accuweather) but then I tried with cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, Sidney etc. and it still wouldn't budge. Please fix it or give some feedback what we can do to make it work.

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Awesome. There's days that are difficult in the past. But working awesome now.. love it cause it keeps me up to date with the current weather situation. But, like I said.. when things are working perfect. Been using it for a year now. I downloaded 2.2.2, but not sure if this is an upgrade... Or what I have already...... But its worth saving incase I need to reistall

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I downloaded it would not come off of New York.....I hit the bottom piece to correct it would NOT change.

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It's great, but with the version here (2.2.2), the radar won't update until closing and reopening Firefox. This is fixed in 2.2.4, but that version is difficult to find. Additionally, it's completely unusable on Australis (FF29+).

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Great add on, a must have.

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Very usefull addon. It's work without any problems. I'm contented. Many Thank's!