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  • Yes
  • Äwesome
  • I can click on this add-on anytime 25 hours a day, eight days a week to access weather from a variety of locations across the United States as well as worldwide.
  • I like this add-on and find it useful, but unfortunately it seems to cause my tabs to crash when I'm browsing or refreshing a site for a long period of time. I've ruled out all my other add-ons as the cause of these crashes. I believe it also has a substantial impact on rendering performance. Unfortunately due to these issues, I have decided to uninstall this extension. I will be very happy to use it again if these issues are fixed or alleviated.
  • Glad you are back! One of the best weather apps.
  • Complet, with all the info you would like to have. BRAVO!
  • it is excellend
  • Excellent AAAAAAAAAA ++++++++++++
  • 99.999% perfect. My only suggestion is an option to automatically detect and display at the current location, like my phone does.
  • Güzel sade ve kullanışlı
  • I can not change the location. It says there is aqn error with google maps
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  • nice
  • nice addons
  • Это просто супер. Перепробовал всякие возможные информеры погоды. С этим ничего не сравнится! И, главное, точность и постоянное обновление в режиме реального времени, плюс куча добавочек.
  • ok
  • Amazing extension! Really helpful.
  • I would rate this at 5 except that with frequent updates, each time I have to reset my location and settings. Easy enough for me,perhaps not so muchfor those unused to delving into Add On settings. weg.
  • Very useful app!
  • love it
  • You put in the wrong city. WHY? I want Decatur Illinois as this is where I live
    Please send all your problems to forum: