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I'm not sure exactly what this does - is it only to stop video autoplay, or does it change any flash parameters?
Does it actually enhance privacy by stopping flash leaking IP info (as I've seen claimed elsewhere), or merely optionally turn off the plugin?

Meanwhile, I'm getting annoying hangs (linux, limited memory, so not necessarily this extension), with nothing remarkable in the process manager, not even plugin-container over-running (as it does).
One anomaly I do see is (running FF in console):

** (firefox:5269): CRITICAL **: gst_app_src_set_size: assertion 'GST_IS_APP_SRC (appsrc)' failed
console.error: flashctrl:
Message: Error: The page is currently hidden and can no longer be used until it is visible again.

I'm not using any private windows or hidden pages that I know,ut this could be a technical thing. How critical is it?

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The previous flash blocker I used no longer worked and I saw Flash Control listed as an alternative. It does a great job of blocking Flash and HTML5 from autoplaying.

Does anyone know how to also block videos (especially on Youtube) from autoloading? If I have a bunch of tabs open my system chokes.

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J'utilisais flash block mais impossible de débloquer certains sites, avec flash control ça marche ! Et j'utilise la dernière version de Firefox...

Merci !

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Experienced problems with this plug-in when using Youtube.

(1) Youtube videos always load in the background---even when Firefox is configured NOT to pre-fetch hyperlinks. This background loading slows down the PC performance dramatically---especially when I open multiple Youtube tabs at once.

(2) The following problem happens the first time that I try to watch a Youtube video: After the Youtube advertisement, I must click the inside of the video window once again to start the video that I want to view. However, the video that is played is NOT the video that I originally chose. It is the next video that would have been automatically selected by Youtube after my chosen video. I must click the Back button of my browser and watch another advertisement in order to see my video. This is really frustrating.

Barking up the wrong tree...

(1) That has absolutely nothing to do with Flash Control. Flash Control does NOT interfere with Firefox ability to "pre-fetch hyperlinks" (what does that even mean?).

(2) Remind me, what is Flash Control? What did I say about Media Source Extensions for HTML5 media? Ans: Q12.

You are the one that allowed Youtube to autoplay its suggested playlist. When youtube couldn't play the video and move on to the next one, somehow to you, Flash Control is the cause of the problem... Flash Control "blocks" Flash and HTML5 videos; it is NOT meant for videos powered by Media Source Extensions. Moreover, it is NOT a youtube specific extension/addon, it doesn't differentiate between ads and video contents. You SHOULD uninstall Flash Control immediately, and find something else that suits your need instead...

ps: This will be my last reply in the "review" section. I've come to the understanding that for some people, they're just here to complain and find faults (stop kidding yourselves that those are "reviews"). Don't believe me? Just go to the FlashBlock page, you'll see many "reviews" of Flash Control there. Why's that so? How's that even relevant to FlashBlock? Those people had nothing to say to me here, right?

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feels better than restart-requiring flashblock so far. very light and gui is almost dumb-proof.
however an addition of current web page's flash object listings (that it is either blocking or allowing) would be nice.

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Thank you for this addon. It replaced Flashbock.

It would be a great feature if it supports wildcards for subdomains:

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A great replacement for Flashblock Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Does what one would expect it to do. I tried this out when I started having issues with Flashblock, and tested it on a few sites. It will be my replacement

There is one disadvantage, in my opinion, but it's not a game changer. I prefer to control addon options from the "Extension Options" menu rather than needing to add the addon's icon to my toolbar. I prefer my toolbar to be as clean as possible. I hope this will be possible with a future update.

Thanks for all your hard word, dev!

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Works for me. Unlike Flashblock.

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It does not work.

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Does what it says and simply! Finally I'm able to stop yahoo's stupid autoplay of HTML5

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Pale Moon support Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

hopefully it will support Pale Moon, the only flash control that is actually works. thanks.

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Low Key Flashblocker - A fine alternative to Flash Block Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

bluesky, thank you for this fine addon.

I just installed it, seconds later it does it's duty.
The design is unintrusive and the controls intuitive.

Best regards and don't let those 'problematic'
commenters get too close to you.

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I made an account just to say how awesome this add-on is. I needed an alternative to flashblock because it doesn't work on a lot of sites anymore. This works perfectly on Firefox 36.0.1 on every site I've used and is updated frequently. Thanks for all your work on this add-on!

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It works! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Отличная замена Flashblock RIP.

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1.3.1 doesn't work with Firefox 36.0

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It works fantastically

It does work.

The only reason why it didn't work is because the user turned it off.

ps: If you guys wondered why developers stop developing and responding after some time, that is because of users like him. You guys should see his initial comment. It's like he is entitled to be angry or annoyed when he's the one causing the problem.

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Works great on Youtube!!!

Good alternative to flashblock.


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I have been looking for a way to stop HTML5 video content from both auto-playing and auto-buffering (some about:config settings that used to work now seem not to), and it seems that I have found an extension that seems to work beyond the usual YouTube. Flashblock used to work, but that seems broken for now, so it forced me to look elsewhere.

Well, so far, so good, Flash Control does seem to work nicely in stopping both auto-buffering and auto-playing HTML5 video, as well as give control to Flash content.

Many thanks to the author for this timely extension. Much appreciated.

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works nicely in some quick tests Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Control of html5 seems to work for me in a couple quick tests. Great workaround until is addressed.

Testing for flash control failed on It prevented the playback (good), but when I click on the little script f in the red circle to play the flash, it yielded just a black box. Hmmm... hold on. That seemed to happen because of a javascript blockage due to NoScript. Allowing to use javascript cleared it up.
Sorry - false alarm, but worth noting that other users should be aware of other interactions beyond flash control.

Sometimes there's couple second delay before it stops a playback on a newly loaded page. I imagine it's hard to interpose flash control earlier to reduce that delay.

The webm audio playback test here - - shows the 'V' icon (not sure why the 'A' icon doesn't happen). And clicking on the 'V' icon doesn't get the audio playing (not counting the couple second delay before Flash Control kicks in). I had to disable Flash Control to get it playing. That web page seems a pretty good stress test for Flash Control actually. Might be worth using it to polish Flash Control.

[Using Aurora / Firefox 37.0a2]

p.s. @blueskyy - Yes reviews like the Feb 2 one from neuw are pathetic. You don't need to respond to such trolls. Reasonable people can ignore them.

[20150209 update] Here's some web pages where the initial blocking delay is evident:

Depending on system load, that delay varies, but it can be a couple seconds on a loaded slower computer.

Tested with a separate profile and only extension loaded was 'flash control'.
Yes, using latest (1.2.7 at the time of this writing - not sure why the line at the bottom says the review was for 1.2.5 - unless firefox updated it automatically in the last week).

[20150209 update 2] For the report I made regarding the 'V' tag for webm audio, I had to use noscript to block javascript. So I had the flash control & noscript extensions, new profile. Then load the page and hit the 'click to try it' button for webm. This brings up a new page and starts playing the audio for a couple seconds (another example of the blocking delay). Then flash control kicks in and a 'V' tag shows up. Clicking on the 'V' tag gets the audio playback going again. So the reproduction is a little more involved, but that's how I originally noticed it (because I have noscript on by default).

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Re: Issues with Flash Control

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce any of the problems on my end. Here's one of my tests (I've tested on Firefox 35.0.1 and the latest Nightly):

I've used a separate profile for my tests, with no other extensions installed. I'll test with Aurora this weekend.

Anyway, are you using the latest version of Flash Control? Theoretically, the "delays" shouldn't be more than 1 second (actually, that has been the case in all my prior tests as well). If it plays for more than a second before it blocks, there's a high change Firefox has changed its internal coding, or there's a bug with Flash Control. That issue should have been resolved in version 1.2.3.


[2015.02.08] Update: After install Aurora, I'm still unable to reproduce the problems.


[2015.02.10] Update 2:

It works! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

As flashblock no longer works on Firefox 35 it is a relief to find this add-on that actually works.

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