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Great addon,it makes the problematic search in FF a lot easier and frankly it should become part of the browser.

I have one small problem with it though.It centers words only when they exist in offscreen parts of the page.If the same part of the page has multiple instances of the word,all those instances will be successively highlighted but not focused in the center of the screen until the search steps to the instance of the word which exists in the next off-screen part of the page.

Now that is not a big problem,it is actually preferable.It is easier to notice the highlighted words when they appear in the same part of the page,rather than having each one of them center-focused.It is easier for the eyes and better distinguishable.

But it is a problem when you have a very big monitor and the center-focused page happens to have two instances of the words,the first one in the middle of the screen as it is expected to be and the second in the last line of that part of the page.
When that happens,i find myself many times looking at the center-focused word but never noticing the highlighted word which is in the bottom of the screen.So when i press F3 for the next search,the addon naturally focuses in the next offscreen instance of the word,thus completely missing the 2nd word which was in the last line of the previous center-foucused part of the page.

If the author of the addon is still reading this,he is interest to fix it and has an idea of how to do it,i will be very grateful
If not,then it is fine,his addon still remains the best way for searching words in pages.