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  • Also would be happy if Mozilla were to incorporate it.

  • This is a revolutionary, essential app for extension management and greatly missed. Two years later its features still ECLIPSE the (good) features of the current Addons Manager.
    I really don't have the money, but if a few dollars I could scrape together would get this going again, then I would come up with something! (Mozilla! Please, Please, Please consider incorporating these features.)

  • Any chance of an update for this extension for some of the latter versions of Firefox?

  • Any chance this will get updated for FF 4 and beyond?

  • Works well with Firefox 3.6

  • I second Kostas` review. Please update it for Firefox 4. I`ll give 5 * if you do!

  • i honestly have to know. i used really early when i was just learning about extensions and went hunting 24/7--kinda still do but--anyways.
    i get the sort by 'date installed', 'name' or even i think it was..'langauge'? 'colour'? something like that.
    but despite having learnt what black/white listings are, i still didn't get where and how this extension would figured we black/white listed other extensions. was it just another extension provided functuality or?

    thank you for reading and sorry to bother you =)

  • I agree with strelnic; it would be great if this extension was implemented as a core FF feature. Anyway, great work! This has been VERY useful for me. Hoping you'll update/make a new version for FF 4 Add-on Manager because it's a real mess without this.

  • A really useful addon. Works great
    Please update it for Firefox 4!

  • An absolut must have if the number of installed extensions grows. It should be a FF feature. Works great.
    But the Sort by function is useless. It doesn't work for me, and it should have options like install date, days enabled, days disabled, last update... and a quick option for reverse order.
    I also suggest:
    - To enable Ctrl+F to put the keyboard focus on the search field in the add-ons/extensions window/tab.
    - To add an option for showing addons of the same developer as the one currently selected in the Show menu: Addons by -selected extension authorname-
    - To add a setting in the Filter Extensions options button to select the items present in the Show menu, there`s a lot, and I only use a few.

  • 希望增加这几个功能, 1:通过扩展立即能跳到主页或者下载页面2:能把扩展名字列表导出, 方便交流

  • Thanx!
    I need this.

  • So useful when, like me, you have nearly 100 extensions !
    But could be even better, I'll send suggestions.

  • Pretty useful for the search alone. I wish it could sort by date installed.

  • Do you can add Thunderbird 3.1.4 support?

  • Excelente Extensão. Não pode faltar no Firefox de ninguém. Aprovada e Testada no Firefox 3.6.3. Parabéns ao Desenvolvedor!!!

  • Very useful. To be perfect it only lack operate with add-ons sidebar.

  • Very useful. To be perfect it only lack operate with add-ons sidebar.

  • I am using this add on with AIOS and discovered today that one must make the sidebar much wider to view the vertical scrollbar with Filter Extensions enabled. It would be a huge help if this were not the case.

  • This is a wonderful extension. It would be outstanding to be able to select what it lists - by default, as I would prefer, usually, to only see active add ons.

  • Great extension. Maybe it will one day be extended to themes/plugins tab?
    Note on v1.0.3.6: There are some screenshots attached inside enlarging the extension upto 143 KB. This is a bit discouraging as some users pay attention to the size ^_^

  • This extension works with Seamonkey 2.0b2.

  • This extension work with latest Firefox 3.5.1,

  • I need this addon updated as soon as possible please. Much appreciated.

  • a very useful extension. i need it almoust every day. unfortunately it is not compatible with 3.5 even if i force the compatibility to 3.5. so it has to be updated. so please do it very soon! thank you