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Verze 0.5.0 24.7 KB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

* Feature: Make stylesheet application optional

* Feature: Add execute and reveal context menu items (available for all file:// URLs even when not on Firefox's directory index pages).
* Feature: Support memory for which column was sorted and whether ascending or descending
* Change: Change styles to expand real estate at top of Firefox's directory index pages for greater capability of regular use
* Info: See README at https://github.com/brettz9/filebrowser-enhanced for idea on using bookmarks in a toolbar folder for quick access or with keywords

Verze 0.3.1 21.8 KB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

* Updated to SDK 1.16

Verze 0.3.0 21.3 KB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější


* Added support for copy path (of file:// files and directories) via context menu
* Added add-on bar item which can be clicked to get the current file's path or right-clicked to get the current file's directory path.

Verze 0.2.0 20.3 KB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

0.2.0: Add a browse button for another way to navigate folders

Verze copy.rev82 202.1 KB Podporuje Firefox 19.0 a novější

New version supports path autocomplete with autofocus on the autocomplete