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vital, without it FF is not the same

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Now that you mention it, there is no preview at all, just an empty space where it was before. I also tried disabling all other addons except FastestSearch and the problem still persists.

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That is strange. The preview does not show if you're on a non-webpage (meaning if you're on about:newtab or about:addons (addon manager) page, and try to set SSB, the preview will be blank). You need to be on normal webpage or about:home. However, the preview itself is not related to being able to save engine or not.

Which FF version are you using? Are you using FS 3.362? Which OS are you using?

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Amazing and usefull, i was stuck to fastestfox and was about to degrade my firefox in order to have it but this add-on saved the day...I absolutely love it!

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This is seriously one of the best add-ons.

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Great work Mr Liu. It's saved me a lot of time; it's highly personalizable and i love it.
Great work Mr Liu. It's saved me a lot of time; it's highly personalizable and i love it.
My bad, I wasn't clear. On my Smart Searchbox, there is a box that you call SSB.
There is my search engines "code" : g,gt,yt,d4,d7,gm in my Smart Searchbox's options.
I just want to know if I can make disapear only the textbox in my Smart Searchbox cause I just don't use it.
For instance a smart seachbox with juste google, youtube, wikipedia and google map will be perfect for me without the textbox.
Otherwise, the personalization is awesome and very complete.

If you meant that you would like to replace the wildcard engine in SSB, click on FS icon to launch Options, click on "Smart Searchbox" top right, and change the engine shortcuts there by removing/replacing the '*'.
If you want to disable SSB altogether then the checkbox is in the Options.

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With a little patience and the youtube explanation this is definitely a great tool and probably the best one around. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share this.

I stumbled upon this addon because fastestfox is completely broken in FF 35 and now replaced it with fastest search and betterfox, the last one provides the endless pages which has been broken in fastestfox for a very long time. I do miss the nice standard wikipedia explanation pop up search box of fastestfox but the right click also does a great job.

A godsend for proofreading tasks Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

I'm proofreading a large collection of web pages, making sure that cross-references in a document set have been hyperlinked. To do this efficiently I need to use a regular expression search on one of several terms (like "above|below"). Fastest Search enables this perfectly, with highlighting, and it also saves the last search so that to repeat it on a new page you just need to type F1. And those are only the features I have discovered so far! It's going to save me a bunch of time.

Thanks for the review & glad FS is helping you! I just want to point out that an advanced feature that might be helpful for you with regards to hyperlink is to press Ctrl-Alt-T to bring up a restriction dialog. This allows for searching only links or specific html tags with certain attributes etc. It might be helpful for your proofreading.

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One of my favourite plugins.

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"In tabs" must be checked for that restriction dialog to show up, so it's my fault. Hope 3.362's gonna be on your site soon. Thx.

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FYI 3.362 is now uploaded to my site at http://mingyi.org/FastestSearch/fastestsearch-3.362.xpi

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It would have been incredible if this addon could also replace text in textareas using regex.

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I was going to give this extension 5 stars, but it breaks one aspect of FindBar Tweak, which I also use. Specifically, after installing this extension FindBar will always close if I press <Ctrl-F> even if I have "Ctrl+F also closes the FindBar" disabled in FindBar Tweak. Ideally I'd like this extension to have the UI of FindBar Tweak, but that is probably asking too much.

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Not works with Aurora. Need fix.

UPD. Thank you, Mingyi. 3.362 works with Aurora.

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Update: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fastest-search/versions/3.362 fixed it.

Previously reply: Strangely FS 3.31 works on Aurora but not 3.36 and 3.361. I'll find out why but in the meantime you might need to revert back to 3.31.

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New version fixed the issue. Thanks much for your quick response.
It seems that fastest search has little issue with firefox v34. When typing to search, it always shows "fastest (33 of undefined)", which fastest is an example. It was "fastest (1 of 33)". I'm not sure if it's a bug.
It's a must-have. I will still rate it 5 stars!

Update: New version released at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fastest-search/versions/?page=1#version-3.361 and you can install it. The issue is fixed.

Previous reply: Yes, thanks to some FF programmer who made an ill-advised change to its API functions, FS's display of search results was broken in FF34, which BTW now has its own search count, finally.

I've fixed this issue and will release it in a day or two. Will reply to you about it once it's released.

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I'm very new to this add-on, but it has already exceeded my expectations. While it is neither pretty nor well documented, it is the best I have downloaded so far. Fastest Search is really fast and brilliantly adaptive.

Some questions/comments:

Drag-and-drop saving does not trigger firefox's blue download arrow. I think that would be helpful.

Google has made me go through several CAPTCHA questions when using the add-on. Is this a problem on my end of things?

Setting default search to another engine has been unreliable for me, yielding results in Google (it also seems like there is a slower response).

It would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to select the first (or any) entry that pops up as I type before completing the search. Right now I would have to select a suggested search term, then load the page and eventually some combination of tabs and arrows selects desired entry. I mostly end up using a mouse for this.
I know there is control-; (or command-;) but that just sends me to a text box.

Thanks for the review!
1. FS tries to save image using cache first, otherwise download from src. Not sure if download manager works same way - and another issue is the default download location needs switching to the one designated by dnd region then back too. Regardless it's too late to switch, although it'd be nice I agree.
2. This is due to your typing very fast and your Instant feature value set a bit too low (which means as you type, FS sent too many search queries in a short amount of time that Google suspect you're running automated queries using computer, rather than yourself). Adjust the "min. instant value" and "max. instant value" upward in "Instant Settings" option panel will help.
3. I cannot reproduce this. Do note that by default when you type in URLBar, FS loads results first from History/Bookmark search, then it queries Google or the engine you set. Let's say you've searched the word "computer" before, and thus your history would have a page of Google result of computer. Now you switch to "Yahoo as URLBar engine and type "computer" again. Instead of finding "computer" through Yahoo, FS would load your history of Google result instead. This is the intended behavior. You can disable loading History/Bookmark search results from the "Instant Settings" option panel too.
4. shortcuts for selecting results would be nice, but a. I'm not sure sth. like ctrl-number is faster than mouse as you need to figure out which number it is first, through counting. b. ctrl-number is already used by Firefox. c. There're no other good shortcuts.


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my best add-on only one thing made me unhappy

when activating copy on selection the copied text lack formatting

for example : if you copy javascript or phpcode using selection the formatting of text is lost and text is displayed inline

any way i can fix this manually or plugin update ? thanks for this great addon

Thanks! Yes, I decided that copying plain text is much more useful than copy HTML format, as the latter is available with Ctrl-C anyhow, and frequently I copy-n-paste into email and would not want format of text. As auto-copy I have to choose a format, so plain text was chosen.

To do HTML, I might add an option. In the meantime, despite that the code is copyrighted, you're hereby authorized to go edit the following file on your computer(s) in this specific way: Go to your FF profile directory (Google it if you need), open file extensions\fastestsearch@mingyi.org\resources\fastestsearch\lib\main.js, search and find the line
clip.set(text, 'text');
change the 2nd 'text' to 'html'. Save it, restart FF, that's it.

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The most useful addon in my daily usage. It has a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, Fastest Search becomes indispensable.

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The feedback b4 mine can be used as a very accurate example to explain what is trolling. This is by far the best addon on its category. A lot of features while it is flawless from early versions which is really amazing. Having buttons for prev next is not only unnecessary but in contrast with the scope of it. Fastest -> you type and starts showing results, no menu to open or anything. Implementing buttons on that is stupid. What is faster after you type to go to mouse, find menu and click or just to press f2/f3?? If he is referring to the alternative version of searching using the popped menu after ctrl-f again stupid since if you want that is the exact behavior you had (and still have) without the use of the addon so use that! Maybe instead of checking irrelevant things and making racist comments he should have spent his time reading the guide but then what kind of troll would he be?

This addon has really become indispensable on my heavy daily use of ff, even if i still didn't find the time to implement its features in full extent. I really hope the developer continues to maintaining it.

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Thanks for the support - and yes, I will support this addon in the foreseeable future as I use it myself daily, or hourly, or every few minutes I browse the net. :)

Don't worry about this foul-mouthed reviewer - I'm certain such behavior is not going to be tolerated by the review moderators. I'm glad that there are many people smart enough and passionate enough to love Fastest Search, makes my effort worth it!

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Promising a lot and keeping the promise..

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A fantastic add-on without compare.
Mingyi ignore the previous reviewer who called it mediocre. It is not even on the same planet as mediocre.
Thanks for developing Fastest Search for us.
People you should donate if you use this add-on.

Thanks for the support! I had an analogy once about this situation: Let's say I made cookies and put them on a stand for people for free. Most liked them and were grateful, some didn't like them and just left. But there were just some rarities, they didn't like the free cookies for whatever good or purely personal reason, and they felt obliged to come back to the stand, put up a sign that said "this cookie doesn't taste good!". Maybe they felt like superheros saving the world from bad free cookies?

Thank you for liking my cookies and put a thank you sign at my stand. For those that had to come back and bark at my stand, they really should consider just put down the cookie and leave. Such behavior will not encourage people making more free cookies ...

Loving this addon. Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Yet another extension that stops me from ever considering switching to Chrome. This addon makes searching so convenient. Very well thought out and highly customizable. Please keep this going, I'll now be lost without it.