255 recenzí tohoto doplňku
  • Really enjoys the plugin. Though there seemed to be an error while uploading a file to a homepage: http://www.filecabin.com/photos/view.php?mode=gallery&g=6370
    The file I uploaded is 522,4 kB.

  • The Extended Statusbar only gives \'last tab loaded\' information. It would be handier if it could be include this information for each tab displayed (changing each time the user moved between tabs) for comparisons etc

  • I like this a lot. Shows all the info I like to see when I used Opera a few times. Which by the way is inferior to FF...with this little exception...showing the stats. Good work dev team!

  • I have been waiting since this cool extension have been released. Unfortunately it fails to show speed in firefox on fc4/5/6 though the developer claims it works flawless.

    Absolutely shocking!!!

  • Great extension, I like the #/# pictures loaded section.

    Some times the KB/s Meter just goes up when I move the mouse! It is as if sometimes it is counting my mouse movement instead of my connection movement!