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  • Captura do Gmail não está funcionando
  • When it works, it's the best. But quite often it stops working and it's impossible to fix. Even restarting Firefox, or deleting and reinstalling the extension doesn't fix it.
  • 作者忘记提供中文版登陆入口,登陆方式为按F12,选择控制台,然后输入 location = "https://app.yinxiang.com/ClipperLogin.action" 再回车即可。
  • Login funktioniert nicht
  • 最新版本的Firefox,无法使用。
  • I use this add-on a lot. It's very handy to save links, simplified articles, or full articles. I also use it to save recipes. Sometimes the formatting is a bit off, for example, the text might be really large or the ads and graphics align differently than in the original. Tip: If there is an option to "Print" a web page, adding that version to Evernote makes for a simpler, less busy format, especially for recipes.
  • It straight up doesn't work with FF 71.0 on OSX. I would give it zero stars if it were possible. I have tried installing it twice. When I click on the elephant icon, absolutely nothing happens. The Chrome version works, but the FF version does not. I used the Chrome version for years, but I've switched back to FF now and the plugin is 100% non-functional.
  • Since Firefox 70 the evernote clipper doesn't login anymore. This is a sad example how an excellent idea badly managed ends up by failing miserably.
  • When Firefox NATIVELY Allows to take FULL WEBPAGE SCREENSHOTS - then Why Evernote Web Clipper does NOT ALLOW TO TAKE "FULL WEBPAGE SCREENSHOTS" in Firefox ?
  • For a couple of months now, I cannot clip PDF's. It always says that it needs to reload the page. FF extension is not as well supported as the Chrome version.
  • Très efficace.
  • It is a pity that the Evernote Clipper for FF (6.13.3) is developing more slowly than for Chrome (7.12.3).
  • I don't know what happened to my evernote web clipper but it
    s horrible now. December 2019
  • Very useful. But I want to disable the automatic pager: it's unreliable. I always save each page manually.
  • No prob installing and using on Firefox 70.0.1 64 bit, love my Evernote!