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  • Evernote Web Clipper is a really useful add-on, which enables me to quickly capture details from a webpage. Having tried a few other notes apps, I haven't found any with functions that compare well with the Web Clipper. It doesn't always capture the information I'm expecting, but for ease of use it's well ahead of other similar apps.

  • I travel extensively. Can not use clipper on phone or tablet. Therefore it is of no value to me as I must be in my office to use my equipment there... Not good, will probably cancel service as this is a key feature I need.

  • what a holy shit.

    tag system so silly!

  • Your extension has crashed numerous times in my first day of install. Clipping never finishes in most times. This is not usable!

  • PDF can't be clipped directly. Hope you could fix this problem as soon as possible.

  • Love the functionality

  • pdf downloads can't be clipped and there is a notification to reload the page and than download. but instead of reloading it doesn't work.

  • oki

  • Gmailがクリップできない

  • La organización que hace de las notas.

  • A big selling point for me is that you can save PDF's directly to Evernote from the screen by way of pressing the "Save to Evernote" button on the PDF viewing screen. Problem is, the button disappeared with the most-recent update back in April.

  • tooo expensive. I rather go with onenote

  • I don't know what I would do without this program!

  • I am new to this and I am looking forward to using this quite often.

  • 没有复杂功能,但足够用,简便,快捷。除与印象笔记组合起来用之外,完全可以替代内置的文本阅读模式。尤其好用的是,如果一片文章有分页,可以在一页中展示。

  • This extension made my life so much easier. Now I can assemble all parts on a project I work on into one place. Helps further my organizing from Pocket. Highly recommended for you to try this out! :D

  • no hay donde buscar lo que se guardado

  • Quick, flexible and accurate!

  • Loads itself into pages even before using it, meaning the page can check if you use evernote web clipper. And potentially showing lots of garbage errors.

  • Generally OK, with good results from most web pages. Very frustrating when (on some PCs/browsers) it constantly logs out. Also not yet able to clip the new Gmail.

  • Until Firefox recent update to 60 Evernote worked perfectly. Now receive error that page needs to reload.

  • It asks me to sign-in. I do that. The sign-in window goes away. I click to clip something. Go back to start of this review and repeat. Endlessly.

  • ok

  • O

  • 升级之后一直提示重新加载,重启 刷新试过多次,到底怎样才能重新加载