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  • I am English, my Language is English, It is bad enough having to ask for this pack just so I can use English. It is darn right insulting for my spelling to be continually be "corrected" by a tool created by people who clearly need to learn the meaning of the word "English". One can only assume that "US" somehow refers to that ex-colony (get over it) The US of A and not us... why then keep flipping to the one language; US Anerdican (!)?? Why not Swahili or Braille, even {please insert silly, wry smilie face thing here, if it help} Do please try to take control. Artificial Stupid is not very helpful and distinctly inhuman. Thank you so much, signed a loyal partner, so far...
  • TIP TOPISSIME !!!!!!-
  • Totally pointless, as the system KEEPS defaulting to the American version, which I don't want! I speak ENGLISH !!!
  • Sehr gut