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Super Addon

DuckDuckGo cant beat Google_ Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

i never saw such empty Search Engine.

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محرك بحث مميز.

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super gut!

muy buena Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

muy buena

Ignores DuckDuckGo site privacy settings Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

On the DuckDuckGo site you can select search preferences that get saved either 'in the cloud' (hate that over-used, much-hyped term for something that's been done/standard for decades, whats wrong with 'online' or 'on DuckDuckGo's servers?) or locally via cookies. In those settings I can configure things like to use POST rather than GET, safe search on/off, sending referrers, regional settings and so on.

However this plugin seems to totally ignore those settings, and offers no way to configure those settings within the plugin itself.

A plugin to use a search engine provided by that search engine vendor should honour the configuration that can be provided at the site itself and/or include the same options within the plugin.

Is it deliberate that the additional privacy options available when using the site directly are not available when using this plugin? I don't see how a privacy aware organisation like DuckDuckGo, who build their reputation on privacy, could have accidentally not included those privacy configurations in their plugin.

As the plugin defeats a lot of the purpose of using DuckDuckGo, in fact BYPASSES that purpose, I am 1-starring it.

Thanks for your comment and concern about the privacy settings. The plugin works primarily by making DuckDuckGo the default search engine as well as adding a couple of other features. By design, the plugin settings do not affect your personal DuckDuckGo settings. In other words if you have set a particular region as default in the web UI then the plugin will continue to use that region. The only exception to this is POST and GET requests due to technical limitations. I believe this is the issue you're referring to and indeed, we should have made it clearer. I've now added it to the plugin's description.

Thank you again for the feedback. If you still feel this plugin affects the privacy DuckDuckGo provides, please send an example to the issues page on GitHub and we'll try to address it: https://github.com/duckduckgo/firefox-zeroclickinfo/issues

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DuckDuckGo Plus is made Super. But again 5 points.

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It feels good to search the internet with a service that isn't spying on me.

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Please provide full compatibility for Pale Moon browser instead of requiring PM users to use an old version of this extension.

Also, is it possible to support DDG settings via the toolbar so users don't have to keep a settings cookie?

Smart, well done & one suggestion Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Runs flawlessly, even more pertinent when urlbar and searchbar are combined (i.e. with the Foobar add-on).
The !bang concept is absolutely terrific (mentioned even if it's not reserved to the add-on but a DuckDuckGo specificity).

One suggestion, that to add a 'Search Site' in the drop-down menu together with 'I'm feeling lucky" and other pre-installed shortcuts. I've had to find a 'Search Site with Google' bookmarklet, modify it to use DuckDuckGo (not a big job) and make a toolbar button that I place right after the 'DuckDuckGo Plus' toolbar icon... waste of space... and the 'Search Site' feature is so handy!

I've rounded my 4.9 rating to 5 :)

DuckDuckGO noch nicht wirklich für Deutschland Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Zu meinem Bedauern sind die Ergebnisse für "kleine" Suchanfragen wie zB. "Traumdeutung" noch nicht besonders gut. Aber ich hoffe das hier der Index noch aufholt.

O único problema é que é uma m**da. / The only problem is that sucks Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

É lindo (e necessário) cuidar da privacidade, mas um mecanismo de busca tem que ser bom em encontrar o que procuramos. Não é o caso.

Buscando "tribunal de contas do estado de santa catarina", por exemplo (perceba o nome completo e preposicionado, o google não precisa de metade) você não consegue na primeira página de resultados o site oficial - é uma vergonha!

Eu, como alguém que se preocupa com o problema oculto do mercado de dados, volta e meia tento usar o duckduckgo, e sempre me arrependo. Não chega aos pés dos fungos que atacam as bactérias dos pés do Google.
It's beautiful (and necessary) to take care of privacy, but a search engine has to be good at finding what we seek. Not the case.

Seeking "tribunal de contas do estado de santa catarina" [state audit office from a braSilian state], by example (regard the full name, google does not need half) you can not get on the first page of results the official website - is a shame!

I, as someone who cares about the hidden problem of data market, now and then I try to use DuckDuckGo, and always regret. Does not reach the foot of the fungi that attack bacteria of Google feet.

Can you please try your query again with the region being set to Brazil?

If the official website is (http://www.tce.sc.gov.br/) then in our tests it showed as the first result.

Wholesome duckness for all the family Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Ducktastic, I like the way the results are presented, its also very quick, the only thing I miss is the image tab. Find a way to add an image tab peoples.

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Chévere, me encanta porque se puede personalizar y guardar estas config en la nube. Además no está tan mal el uso de ¡Bang para personalzar las búsquedas.

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Gracias por el trabajo que hacen! :D

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It's an awesome search engine. It looks good and gives good results. Not only do they not track you, they don't put you in a search bubble either like Google does.

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Love the instant answer option. DuckDuckGo seems to have a lot of great search results that other sites don't seem to have. I'm surprised that it works so well to be honest. The extension is also open-source, which is fantastic. Overall, the toolbar is very helpful and looks good.

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Amazing people behind it, and they are always working on improving it.

They have such a helpful team working on it, and you can ask questions on their forum and their subreddit, and they'll help you, or even fix the code within a few hours.

Amazing ! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Really is great DuckDuckGo I love it this will be my favorite browser Awesome Thanks keep it go !

Τέλειο Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

πλεον η αρχικη μηχανη αναζητησης στο διαδυκτιο.βρισκει τα παντα και το πιο βασικο ΧΩΡΙΣ ΠΕΡΙΟΡΙΣΜΟΥΣ (αντιθετος με την google)

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (