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  • please update the freaking UI. It looks ancient on newer versions of firefox
  • i would like to have the option to have it fade like,ten seconds after the download is completed...
  • Pretty useless as all I ever get is a popup saying it can't create a download manger bar on this page. Which is on every page. I'm using Firefox 66.0.3
  • Question: Why so many privileges are required? I expect that some of them are needed, but the list is so looong... And together with numeric author ID it make me distrustful. Will install when the author provides precise explanations.
  • Why the "launch" is grey ? not working ???
  • why so big? on a widescreen its a lot screen estate even with minimum settings. an option to auto-run everything would be great.
  • Very nice indeed. A timed "clear from status bar" feature is the only thing missing.
  • Very nice addon. I'd like to see volume adjust for the download complete sound, if possible. Thanks!
  • the best!!!!!!!!!