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Verze 1.3.2 22.4 KiB Podporuje Firefox 24.0 - 56.*

Fixes for Firefox 44 (window/sidebar not working due to const changes), 46 (everything not working due to array comprehension changes) and <38 (state sorting was broken).

Verze 1.3.1-let-fixed 22.4 KiB Podporuje Firefox 24.0 - 44.*

  • Option to open the downloads list in a sidebar
  • Sorting works again on Fx38+
  • "+ N other downloads" should now update when the number of items to display is changed
  • The minimum supported Firefox version is now 24.0.
  • Verze 25.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 20.0a1 - 39.*

  • Change the default sort order (complete, blocked and failed downloads now sort together, to prevent failed downloads from sitting at the top of the list)
  • Option to open either the panel or the full UI automatically when a download starts.
  • Panel now closes if you interact with the rest of the browser using the keyboard.
  • Option to open full downloads list using the Library in a tab. (I only added this because somebody asked for it, and I'm not going to go to any effort to make the Library look good in a tab. See More In Content UI + if you want that.)
  • Verze 24.2 KiB Podporuje Firefox 20.0a1 - 28.0a1

  • Fix the "disable alert arrow" feature.
  • Fix fallout from bug 899110.
  • Add option for sorting entries in the panel according to their state.
  • Verze 1.1.1-signed 22.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 20.0 - 26.0a1

  • Option for where to open the full download list (a small dedicated window, a tab or the Library for normal windows; the dedicated window or a tab for private browsing windows).
  • The hover style fix now has 3 modes (do nothing, show hover style on button hover, or never show hover style), is active by default, and works on Vista+.
  • Option to hide action buttons on some types of rows in the Library and the dedicated window (intended to help reduce clutter, but some actions (e.g. Retry) are only available from the buttons.)
  • Option to set the width of the panel.
  • Verze 16.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 20.0a1 - 24.0a1