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Verze 1.0.13 154.3 KiB Podporuje Firefox 56.0 - 56.*

A change in Firefox 56 broke DMT. This fixes that small change and is the last fix before DMT has to be rewritten for Firefox 57.

Verze 1.0.12 154.3 KiB Podporuje Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

A German localization file has been corrupt for several years now. It wasn't an obvious problem until the changes required in DMT 1.0.11. The corruption triggers the original bug that 1.0.11 fixed, but only for German users.

Extended the version range to include Firefox 52, so that the DMT page on addons.mozilla.org doesn't show DMT as not supported for Firefox 52.

Verze 1.0.11 154.3 KiB Podporuje Firefox 53.0 - 54.*

DMT stopped working in Firefox 53. This was entirely due Firefox removing some localization values, which Firefox was no longer using but DMT was. Found the source of those Firefox localization values and copied them into the DMT localization files.

Also fixed a bug where the location to download files into couldn't be set in the DMT options popup.

Verze 1.0.10 129.1 KiB Podporuje Firefox 45.0 - 53.*

Fixes two features that were broken by Firefox 45. The XUL was calling functions put inside an object to reduce pollution of the global namespace. Firefox 45 and above can no longer find those objects for some reason. Changing to global functions made them callable again. This affected the Delete Files button and the open DMT in a sidebar feature.

Another bug where the browse button in the options screen not working is not fixed. It is also about functions that can no longer be called but I haven't been able to fix that yet.

Verze 131.2 KiB Podporuje Firefox 37.0 - 45.*

Internal changes to how Firefox 38 provides download information broke DMT 1.0.8. Only changes in DMT 1.0.9 are to make DMT work again for Firefox 38.

Verze 130.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 30.0 - 37.*

- Fixed bug where DMT would open multiple tabs when a new window was opened.
- Fixed bugs when DMT is set to open when a download starts or close when finished.
- New translation for hr-HR from babelzilla.org

Verze 128.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 30.0 - 35.*

- Fixed bug where Firefox 31 caused DMT to not automatically open when starting a download.
- Fixed bug where opening or closing DMT after a delay failed.

Verze 128.4 KiB Podporuje Firefox 29.0 - 31.*

This fixes three main bugs in 1.0.5:
- DMT could interfere with other extensions of Firefox with global changes.
- The title on the window/tab could get stuck at 99%.
- Firefox 30 caused DMT to not automatically open when starting a download.

Note that Firefox 31 changes more things that break automatic open again, but in different way and harder to fix way.

Verze 127.3 KiB Podporuje Firefox 26.0 - 30.*

Fixes from 1.0.2 include: the opening multiple windows bug, auto launch and auto remove downloads, limit downloads by days, status in window/tab title, and restored the clear downloads button and search box.

Verze 124.7 KiB Podporuje Firefox 26.0 - 26.*

Large changes from the previous version due to download manager changes in Firefox 26. I think of this as more of a beta release and a better version will come in the next month.

Version 1.0.0 had a few lines of debug code left in it and this removes those.
Version 1.0.1 was rejected due to some errors the reviewer found and this fixes those.

Verze 122.4 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 25.*

Firefox 20 changed the download manager quite a bit. The release fixes two of the bugs that resulted. I am releasing without all the bugs fixed because the first bug so important to get fixed soon.
  • The download list was erased at Firefox exit. DMT now behaves as if browser.download.useToolkitUI is set to true. This uses the old download manager (the one DMT was written to tweak) and stops the erasing.
  • The title of the download window/tab/sidebar was wrong after all downloads completed.
A problem that isn't fixed yet: DMT isn't being notified when downloads start or finish. This results in several features not working.

Verze 122.3 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 21.*

The compatibility fix done in 0.9.6 used functions that are now obsolete in Firefox 20, so it had to be refixed.

Verze 116.2 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 19.*

Makes some changes that Firefox 18 required to prepare for per-window private browsing. Also has the latest language updates from Babelzilla and a couple minor fixes.

Verze 103.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 17.*

This is a quick bug fix release after 0.9.3 and the unreleased 0.9.4 broke a couple things.
Full release notes at http://dmextension.mozdev.org/installation.html

Verze 0.9.3 103.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b8pre

Verze 0.9.2 88.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 4.0b5

Fairly small changes from 0.9.1. Restricted changes to those that don't need translation updates from BabelZilla, so it could be released sooner. See the homepage for detailed release notes (specifically http://dmextension.mozdev.org/installation.html). Version 0.9.3 should have the updates that do require BabelZilla work.

Verze 0.9.1 85.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

0.9.1 has many changes from 0.8.6, but few from 0.9.0. See the homepage for detailed release notes (specifically http://dmextension.mozdev.org/installation.html).

Verze 0.8.6 55.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.6.*

0.8.5 did not work in Firefox 3.6. The problem was obscure and took a while to figure out, but the fix was two additional lines of XUL code. This version has these two new lines of code and no other changes from 0.8.5.

Verze 0.8.5 55.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.5.*

Added additional buttons to the download list, available by user preference.
Created new button icons so that old and new buttons have a matching look.
Added "All files downloaded to:" to the options dialog.
Fixed several bugs.

Verze 0.8.4 61.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.5.*

The only change between 0.8.3 and 0.8.4 is support for Firefox 3.5.

Verze 0.7.2 48.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0 - 2.0.0.*

Updated for Firefox 2.0

Verze 0.7.1 46.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0+ - 1.5.0.*

Updated for Firefox 1.5

Verze 0.6.6 39.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 0.8 - 1.0+

Verze 0.6.3 32.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 0.8 - 1.0

Verze 0.6.0 31.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 0.8 - 0.10

Verze 0.5.2 29.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 0.8 - 0.10