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> You can also see in our privacy policy that “We never sell your data. If we share your data, it’s only with companies we’ve hired to do work for us. They’ll never own it or be able to share it with anyone else. You retain ownership of your own data.”

so if you decided to share my data - which you claim you do not collect - then you will share it with companies that you hired and those companies are not ABLE to share it with anyone else because of ... reasons? i mean seriously wtf are you saying here? don't you think this is kind of a contradiction and a fallacy at the same time???

also, policies change. all the time.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku ( 

Our privacy policy

Hi there-

You're looking at our overall privacy policy, not the specific section related to DNTMe. We have other tools and services (DeleteMe and MaskMe) that are more involved and handle more data. That's where the "companies we've hired to work for us" part comes in. It has nothing to do with DNTMe.

DoNotTrackMe does not track any of our users’ web activity. It has no ability to collect data about what sites they visit or any other web behavior. The tool can save their personal settings and preferences, but those are stored locally on the user’s computer.

Our software is built entirely around the principle of privacy, which is something individuals can verify themselves by using an app that monitors the requests made for their computer’s information throughout the day. Two examples of apps like these are Live HTTP Headers or WireChart, neither of which were made by us. DNTMe makes one request per day to the user’s computer for updated tracker blocking rules. It also checks for upgrades to new versions of DNTMe. Any user will be able to see those requests and what they entail.

There are a few limited pieces of information we need to know to make sound decisions about the business and DNTMe:

-Information about users’ install of DNTMe: where they downloaded it, the original version they installed, the current version they have, and the month of their original install.
-Because there is a different version of DNTMe for each browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE), we know how many installs there have been for each browser.
- On a daily basis, we know how many users we have of DNTMe and whether those users are based in or outside the US.
- Lastly, we know how many visits to come from the DNTMe tool, but we do not know if any given add-on user clicked anything or other personal details.

The only way we get paid is if our users trust us to be responsible with their personal information. If we mess that up, we risk our entire business model. Our duty is to our customers and their privacy. Period.

-The Abine Team