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6 verzí

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Verze 68.4 kB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

- Add Firefox icon
- Add Safari icon
- The configuration panel is no longer a popup
- Conform to Motion Twin EULA

Verze 45.9 kB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

- Fix bank anti-abuse on stacked objects

Verze 39.9 kB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

- Construction_max_ap now works with repairs
- The media links are now more intelligently replaced
- Show_spoil now works correctly with HTML child elements
- Fix issue with media link just before a spoil
- Add the auto-escort feature
- Add the escort auto good options feature
- Fix a bug making the extension considered you were not outside when at town
- Now cache the session key at each page load
- Remove OEEV sync (RIP)

Verze 39.0 kB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

- Fix a bug making the forum media links to sometimes not be replaced
- Fix the configuration panel z-index on the Spanish version
- Fix how the configuration panel is injected in the DOM
- Change the way the spoilers are shown

Verze 35.8 kB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

- Switch to Grunt to build the project
- Switch to the Lo-Dash template engine
- Set up JSHint and Travis-CI
- Set up the new module system
- The external tools sync button is more beautifuly integrated
- Add the possibility to drop all the bag content in one click while outside
- Fix a bug sometimes occuring and making the modules adding content to the
gamebody fail

Verze 29.9 kB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

- Allow to block the Twitter share on the Gazette
- Hide the building/zone image
- Fix the watchmen button position
- Change configuration panel design