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  • The automatic recognition is far more handy than the dropdown list at the side of the Spelling button.
    When you have time, if you can migrate it to Firefox Quantum ...

    Not to forget : I learned in a forum that in recent versions of Thunderbird you have to go to the configuration editor, change "extensions.dictionary-switcher.autodetect" from false to true. It would be a good idea to write that in the documentation.

  • I would pay for an updated version of this

  • This add-on is one of those gems you rely on without giving much attention to it. One it's gone you now how much you liked it. It does its work without being interruptive. So I'm really sorry this extension is not compatible with Firefox Quantum at the moment. I hope it will be revived. Thanks!

  • Will it work with Firefox Quantum? This was a great add-on.

  • Works,but sometimes don't recongnize correct.

  • Any plans to update to the new API for Firefox 57+?

  • I installed this in the hope that, finally, I wouldn't have to navigate two context menus to change between english and german dictionaries.
    This addon, however, only adds buttons. One that gives the abbreviated name of the active dictionary, the other with a drop-down men.
    If I click the one that lists the dictionary name, the name that is listed changes. Yay.
    The active dictionary, meanwhile, does not change. Nay.
    The other, with the drop down, won't list anything other than "English/United States". Even though I have three dictionaries installed. Re-installing one of the German dictionaries and repeatedly restarting Firefox did not change anything, at all.
    This addon was a frustrating waste of time.

  • Would be great to use it on postbox, and seems to be easy to port addons from thunderbird.

  • This addon is supposed to do something rather simple, yet it doesn't do it most of the time.

  • Tested from the status bar: working well. But it's not a dictionary switcher, it's a local switcher.

  • Wenn es funzt ists klasse! 90% der letzten Jahre funktioniert ed aber nicht. Keine Ahnung was los ist. Es wird zwar anscheinend ständig aktualisiert, aber in meinem FF aufm Mac gehts nicht.

  • For me it's an essential requirement to switch languages automatically like it's default with Chrome, but it doesn't work.

  • Produce lot of "unsafe CPOW usage" when E10 enabled.

  • Tried contacting author pr email as he requests instead of review, but since he doesnt seem to answer to that, then its no use to use his email.

    Actual review : Hoped to use this addon for US and DA language, but DA localizations has been removed because they are out of date. So I can switch between US and US and then the addon lost it usefullness.
    Tried to contact author for any solutions but no answer.

  • Apparently, the add-on needs to be "verified". Firefox complains that it will be disabled after next restart. No idea why?
    It's a pity, since it's a must-have addon for users that use several languages :(

  • Could not do without it. So when it stopped working I was ready to try and fix it.
    Until I realized the bug was likely linked to my firefox syncing of deprecated variables for the add-on.

    What I had to do is go to about:config and set
    Now it's responsive again and works as intended.
    I saw in the reviews here that we have to set extensions.dictionary-switcher.autodetect;true
    but I believe this is an old variable no longer used by the add-on and seems to have no effect on the add-on at all.

    At any rate this is the most underrated add-on for firefox, hands down. :D

    Props to developer/maintainer, even though it could have less bugs. Thanks a million.

  • Finally I found a version that works with my Thunderbird (38.6.0) and it´s great. It automatically switches between the three installed languages after typing in not more than five words!

  • Ne fonctionne toujours pas sur Firefox 43.0.4

  • We really need it updated to work with new firefox please!!

  • Works great, but have some issues.
    Sometimes it shows wrong language (different is chosen for spellchecking).
    Sometimes detects wrong language without a reason and don't want to correct it even after putting a lot of text.
    Manually changing language always locks the choice for that site.
    Auto-detecting sometimes stops firefox responding for few seconds.
    It should have icon that will change depending on chosen language.
    Toolbar button is inconvenient, looks ugly (like it is pressed) and change its width with every language change.
    After some time of using automatic detection starts to go insane.
    I hope it will be improved soon, that I would use it completely.

  • which is sad

  • This is such an essential add-on for anyone typing in more than one language in Firefox, unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a while and doesn't work well with e.g. Gmail, it can freeze the whole Firefox for short amounts of time, etc. But it's a really good idea.

  • Sadly not compatible with Thunderbird 38 any more, since in that version the spell check language in the compose windows has been decoupled from the preference.

  • To have this to work in Firefox:
    You have to manually go into about:config and changed - extensions.dictionary-switcher.autodetect to true. But some times I have to get in to about:config again to switch in on, off and on again to work, even if it's "on" in extensions.dictionary-switcher.autodetect. Then it work again to switches languages.

    To do this on Thunderbird:

    Go in to in Thunderbird: Options>Advanced>Config Editor set this as 'true'

    I hope they will fix this. Also autodetect as I write does not work. I'm on Windows 10, and with a clean installed OS, and only two language installed in Firefox.

    This switcher should had been an included part of Firefox and Thunderbird.

  • Funktioniert nun endlich mit der neuen Generation von Wörterbüchern (Stichwort „restartless“) – vielen Dank für das Update!