Historie verzí doplňku Copy ShortURL

14 verzí

Se starými verzemi opatrně!

Tyto verze jsou dostupné pro referenční a testovací účely. Měli byste vždy použít poslední verzi doplňku.

Verze 3.0.1 23.3 kB Podporuje Firefox 38.0a1 a novější

* Switching is.gd to https
* adding Chinese translation

Thanks to meteormatt for both!

Verze 24.1 kB Podporuje Firefox 38.0a1 a novější

New version with a number of changes and new/enhanced features:

* Remove Google Analytics tracking tokens (?utm_*) from URLs by default.
* Fallback to Facebook OpenGraph URL if no canonical URL is present.
* Shorten allegedly "short" URLs if they are longer than 30 characters (configurable).
* Right click on link -> Copy ShortURL for this link
* Toolbar button added (can be enabled in preferences).

Also, this version is built with "jpm" and has a new icon.


Verze 2.1.1-signed.1-signed 25.5 kB Podporuje Firefox 21.0 a novější

Version 2.1 adds a few features:
- asynchronous requests, which should be friendly towards performance
- localization! Initial set of languages: en-US, de, es-ES, fr, rm, uk, zh-CN. Contribution of additional languages appreciated: The code is on github.
- New hotkey: Press CMD/Ctrl+Shift+L to make a short URL without using your mouse. Thanks to canuckistani for the contribution!

The add-on is also repackaged with Add-on SDK 1.15, which allows it to work again with the latest Firefox versions.

Verze 2.0.1-signed.1-signed 200.8 kB Podporuje Firefox 19.0 a novější

Version 2.0 has a preference dialog (in the add-ons manager, click on "preferences" for Copy ShortURL). You can now select the shortening service right there!

Supported shortening services out of the box: is.gd, tinyurl.com, goo.gl.

Custom shortening services are still supported: Just enter your custom URL in that preferences window.

Verze 1.5.1-signed.1-signed 175.3 kB Podporuje Firefox 14.0 a novější

Repack with Add-on SDK version 1.9 due to bug 784264.

Verze 169.1 kB Podporuje Firefox 10.0 a novější

No code changes. Re-compiled with Addon SDK 1.6.1 to avoid memory leak.

Verze 188.1 kB Podporuje Firefox 4.0b7 a novější

Verze 187.7 kB Podporuje Firefox 4.0b7 a novější

Repack for Add-ons SDK 1.1.

Verze 270.4 kB Podporuje Firefox 4.0b7 a novější

No significant code changes, update for compatibility with Add-ons SDK version 1.0.

Verze 1.4.1-signed.1-signed 213.5 kB Podporuje Firefox 4.0b7 a novější, Mobilní 4.0b3pre - 7.0a1

Updated compatibility with the latest Firefox 4 betas. Built on the latest Addon SDK.

Verze 1.3 182.3 kB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b10, Mobilní 4.0b1pre - 4.0b4pre

Updated to Jetpack SDK 0.9 -- The add-on is now compatible with the latest versions of Firefox 4 beta.

Verze 1.2 136.2 kB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b7, Mobilní 0.1 - 4.0b3pre

Small fix to make extension compatible with current Firefox nightlies.

Verze 1.1 133.1 kB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b5pre, Mobilní 0.1 - 2.0a1pre

Major changes in version 1.1:
  • Growl notifications when copying a URL. You'll see if a short URL was found or created, and what URL it is. If you don't have Growl (or if your platform does not support it), a 10-second information bar is shown instead.
  • Switch to is.gd as default service, because it's shorter than tinyurl.
  • User-definable short-URL service URL. (Use tinyURL, bit.ly or your own shortening service!) For more information, take a look at the README file.

Verze 1.0 111.6 kB Podporuje Firefox 3.5 - 4.0b3pre, Mobilní 0.1 - 2.0a1pre