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  • Great add-on, but it doesn't work anymore with FF44.
    Hopefully it will be updated.

  • This is the most useful addon I use, bar none. It is elegant and powerful. Please update for FF5!

  • please update for FF5

  • Simple and great. Thanks a lot. FF 4.0.

  • Please disregard the preceeding post. It was accidentally posted to the wrong Addon page as a result of a login problem. It was meant for Cookie Whitelist, With Buttons 1.0.3.
    I just want to allow cookies, protect 2 and delete all others with one button. Nothing I can find will do it.

  • Love it -simple and almost perfect.

    The only thing I'd like extra is a tick box (selection) next to every item or the ability to press CTRL on the keyboard to make multiple selctions before using the Context (so I can delet, allow etc a whole load of items).

    Otherwise, great stuff and thanks for the hard work and sharing :-)

  • Welcome "CookieMan Context 2.1" into my extensions. Here's another intelligent and useful extension. I restricted the number of installed extension. Thanks very much Justin.

  • Up to FF3.5 ...Pleassssse

  • Great. Should be standard in Firefox.

    No idea why there are settings in Firefox to handle all the problems with cookies if we still need such and other add-ons to really handle them ;-)

  • This should be default functionality, really. Thanks to the creator of this addon.

  • Next best thing to the blocking features of CS Lite (now defunct).

  • Simple, effective. This is all I need from a cookie extension, allowing me to zone in on those 1 or 2 cookies that keep interfering with some of my other extensions.

  • What I'm missing is a "Keep" option that will allow for dumping all unmarked cookies on exiting Firefox.

  • Small, plain and simple. Idea: would it be possible (without some heavy modifications to Fx) to simply show content of "show cookies" and "cookies - exception" windows in one, switchable by tabs for example? Then all it would need is toolbar button making it a perfect, lightweight cookie manager ;)

  • The developer of "Cookie Extras" pointed this out on his page after he discontinued his extension. I'm glad he did! This is actually better, it works like you'd want and has more features. Thanks for taking his idea to the next level. I wish this function was built-in, but your extension gladly fills the void.

  • We allready have some 49600 add-ons that do the exact same thing...

  • Not very useful to me. But it really helps a lot in managing cookies.

  • Wish I had looked at this sooner, lightweight, compact, easy cookie management for those of us whom are cookie wary. I love the right click action, great cookie manager!

  • So simple and useful - such context menu should be browser default feature. Great everyday usability upgrade.
    For 10 points, i think, extension need to be localized and have also simple Delete (not just Block with delete) entry. And Maybe even context menu in Exceptions list.
    Anyway, good one extension)

  • Chances are, if you want to delete cookies from a certain site, you also want to block them from every appearing again. CookieMan Context combines these two actions into one to save you time. This is the sort of non-obstrusive functionality that should be built in by default.