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  • Best cookie manager ever. Can you add support for Multi-Account Containers? Because this extension doesn't delete cookies from containers... in my case.
    Cookiebro can delete unwanted cookies from other containers as well. However, it requires that you have a tab open for that specific container. This is an unfortunate limitation that Firefox devs didn't want to fix. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1578096

    With Cookiebro you can also inspect and manage cookies in a particular container. Just open a container tab and then access e.g. Cookie Editor with Cookiebro.

    EDIT: there's an upcoming workaround in the following versions for this.
  • *** EDIT ***
    All of a sudden for some bizarre reason the Whitelist is empty when I run Firefox, every session I can add sites to the Whitelist but on relaunching Firefox it reverts the Whitelist back to empty :(
    *** END EDIT ***

    Finally! A decent cookie manager that actually works for the stupidly restrictive, uncustomisable and broken mess that is Firefox Quantum 60+ ... or as I call it, Firefox Can't 'um do anything useful with it.
    Have you changed your Firefox settings or done tweaks in about:config? What does this site tell you: https://firefox-storage-test.glitch.me/

    PS. Please don't use reviews to create support requests. Send them to nodetics@gmail.com
  • Not a review and i have nothing to complain about - *i need help.*
    Last week or 2, when i start Firefox, check the Cookiebro menu / find that my whitelist and blacklist have disappeared. (Thnk goodness i have them saved.) So far i can see, it is Firefox doing it, not Avast. I don't know whether caused by Firefox setting i changed or yet another troublesome change Firefox made.
    I have Firefox set to allow cookies generally.
    *Please help.*
    Please send an email to nodetics@gmail.com (our support email) so that we can troubleshoot this.
  • “Documentation is an essential part of any software package; when an important free software package does not come with a free manual, that is a major gap. We have many such gaps today.” — RMS.

    And overbloated GUI is not a good substitute for manual. Rather the contrary. I had to use a debugger to understand what it actually does, when a user just ‘whitelist’ or ‘blacklist’ a domain. And the observed result is: it does *nothing* — it did not even try to block sending cookies to blacklisted domains.
    Check the "Enable blacklist filtering" option on Options page.
    Then enter e.g. *.google.com to the blacklist settings (or specific site like foobar.amazon.com). It does work.

    There's now a Help file in Cookiebro.
  • [I will add new updates below, depending on the circumstances]

    [they changed the icon provider from google to duckduckgo which is a safe alternative, so you can ignore much of what I posted below]

    Best cookie manager hands down. Absolutely amazing little addon! Whitelist approach with timed removal of unwanted cookies is the best approach I can think of to reduce tracking and maintain a functional browsing! 5 stars! Just found the log and cookie editor which is mind blowing! Can even block or whitelist individual cookies on a single website or globally. There is nothing that I have found that comes even close. Deletes ALL unwanted cookies unlike Cookie AutoDelete, and "Self Destroying Cookies", which left hundreds behind. GREAT JOB!

    Be sure to disable favicons if you don't trust sending some of your browsing data to duckduckgo. When fetching the favicon, you send the domain to duckduckgo for icon retrieval. This happens only when opening the cookie editor and log.

    Please consider adding an option to delete a tabs cookies, and all the rest on tab close.

    This would give it a leg up.
  • Replaced Cookie AutoDelete, which did not auto-delete all cookies that were not in the whitelist. This extension does. I am so happy. Kudos!
  • Very unintuitive. What is the default action for cookies with this addon? What happens to cookies that are neither whitelisted nor blacklisted? I have this add on installed and I honestly still don't know how my browser treats a cookie from a brand new site. What is the point of a cookie log that doesn't tell you how the cookies were handled? How should content blocking in Firefox settings be configured? Why write an addon with zero documentation? Hey, geeks can use it so who cares about normal people?

    Ugh I miss the old Cookie Monster addon, so intuitive and easy.
    Cookies that are not whitelisted get "unwanted" status which means that they are subject to deletion either periodically or upon browser startup (see Cookiebro Options page to define how you want it to behave).

    In the Cookie Log there is column called "Decision" which is either "Set" or "Blocked". If it says "Set" it means cookie was stored and if it says "Blocked" it means cookie was rejected.

    Firefox should be set to allow cookies so that Cookiebro can take care of the handling.
  • Enables autoclearing cookies every 2 hours by default on install without alerting the user about it. Cookies that it clears include Google, Reddit, Trello, etc session cookies, forcing you to immediately log out of all platforms.
    So you just installed the extension but didn't take a look at the settings at all? Point taken, the autodelete option will be off by default in new versions. We just released 2.8.0 where the default is "no periodical auto-delete". Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • I use Chrome (74) and Firefox (66) for browsers ... I wanted to export the Firefox Whitelist into Chrome (a JSON File) and it didn't work. I notified Nodetics Solutions and he released 2.7.5. before, and it worked ... Now it is easy to Sync the 2 Browsers.

    I even contributed so he can buy a Burger ...


    Today all the add-ons have been disabled in FireFox (My version is 66.0.3) ... but it is Firefox's error and they are trying to get an update out ...

    "Firefox disabled all add-ons because a certificate expired (updated)"
    Thanks a lot for your feedback, issue report and contribution! All highly appreciated! <3
  • Good addon, but it was really unpleasant surprise that it deletes google, youtube, facebook etc. cookies each 2 hours by default. I spent hours trying to find the reason for my auto-logouts from many sites. I blamed adblocks, anti-tracers, containers...

    I would suggest you'd better make default the option "do not delete unwanter cookies periodically".
    This is now the default in Cookiebro 2.8.0+
  • It would be perfect if the search box filters results instead of highlighting. The current function is kind of weird.
  • A very gread cookie Addon for Firefox.
    I like especially the clear Option Menu, where you can see all whitlisted sites and other functions. Best of all i have ever seen.
    But there is one thing i REALLY REALLY miss:
    • I would like to have an option to instantly whitelist a site, with your yellow button, not going in the option menu.
    Shame on me: this option is already there, could not see it while testing, because all sites were already whiteliste
    • And also interesting: an option to clear all unwanted cookies after some time.
    Added: sorry my wrong, this option is integrated, thanks.
    But otherwise a great tool for daily work.
    So no otherwise anymore: 5 stars: a great addon !!
  • Great addon. I'd love to have the ability to lock cookies so they cannot be edited by the browser. Thanks!