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Verze 2.6.7 58.3 KiB Podporuje Firefox 38.0 - 56.*

* A new variable (%D) is now available for custom formats, allowing the user to insert a local date stamp
* JSON output is now beautified when exporting custom formats
* A README file has been added to the tree for use at GitHub

Verze 2.6.6 58.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 38.0 - 44.*

  • Removed the updateURL from builds offered at my personal website. CoLT will now be hosted only at AMO.
  • Converted the changelog to Markdown format
  • Bumped the supported minVersion to 38.0

Verze 54.2 KiB Podporuje Firefox 24.0 - 41.*

Version 2.6.5 has the following changes:

  • Default formats can now be restored via the options dialog
  • Reorganized the options dialog
  • Displaying the CoLT context sub-menus is now slightly more efficient (they are no longer built on the fly)
  • Error handler routines have been updated to use the reportError() call
  • Bug Fix: Removed an erroneous instance in the options dialog where DOM elements were being created and never used
  • Bug Fix: Selected item artifacts should no longer be left around when moving custom formats in the list

Verze 54.9 KiB Podporuje Firefox 24.0 - 35.*

  • Removed a few deprecated parameters from various internal functions
  • Bug Fix: CoLT's menu items were not working properly when only one format was present in the custom formats list
  • Bug Fix: Improved the way migrating from ancient versions of CoLT works (prefs weren't being fully migrated)

Verze 54.8 KiB Podporuje Firefox 24.0 - 31.*

Version 2.6.3 includes the following changes:

  • Removed the following translations, all of which were mostly incomplete: cs-CZ, ko-KR, tr, zh-TW
  • Bug Fix: Removed an invalid reference to the document object in CoLT's common module, which prevented new installs from being set up properly

Version 2.6.2 included the following changes:

  • Custom formats are now stored in a JSON file in the user's Firefox profile, instead of as Firefox preferences
  • Rewrote the export and import routines to support the new JSON file format
  • Improved the way internal logging is handled
  • Modified the way new-line characters are determined
  • Bumped the minVersion to 24.0
  • Bug Fix: Redesigned the way data is passed between the browser and CoLT's options dialog, fixing several errors that would appear in the browser console
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a few places where DOM elements were erroneously being created and never used

Verze 60.7 KiB Podporuje Firefox 17.0 - 28.*

  • Changed the minimum supported Firefox version to 17.0, since the 10.x line is no longer supported
  • Various locale updates

Verze 60.7 KiB Podporuje Firefox 10.0 - 21.*

  • Added support for conditional expressions using the %?[] variable
  • Added support for importing and exporting custom formats (useful for moving them between systems)
  • Improved the way custom format events are handled
  • Removed the embedded JAR file from within the extension's XPI file
  • Made a few minor improvements to the installer manifest
  • Changed the minimum supported Firefox version to 10.0
  • Bug Fix: Newly added separators now properly extend across the custom format dialog

Verze 43.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 19.*

Changes in this release:

  • Added a Catalan (ca) localization
  • Updated the Arabic (ar) localization
  • Bug Fix: Once again altered the "insertafter" attribute of the "Copy Page Title and Location" menu. It should no longer appear above the "Copy" menu item when text is selected.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected the changes to the nsITransferable interface made in the previous version (the initial recommendation from Mozilla was incorrect)

Verze 41.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 18.*

Changes in 2.5.7:

  • Improved the way percent signs can be escaped. You can now specify either "%%" or "\%" to get a literal percent character.
  • Added logic to clear all custom formats if the extensions.colt.prefs_version setting gets cleared in about:config. Clearing this value is a handy way to reset to the default custom formats.

Changes in 2.5.6:

  • Added the capability to specify access-key accelerators for custom format context menu items. Existing custom formats will have no key assigned; you must manually set them if upgrading from a previous version.
  • Added the capability to insert a percent sign into a given custom format (simply escape the percent sign with a backslash character).
  • Replaced the default FuseTalk custom format with the somewhat more prevalent Markdown format.

Verze 40.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 11.*

  • Bug Fix: Rewrote the routine that handles doing the substitution for custom formats. This will prevent the mistaken translation of encoded characters within substituted text (URLs, for example).

Verze 40.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 10.*

  • Added Unicode support (custom formats can now include extended characters)
  • Added a new custom format variable for inserting tab characters (%B)
  • Options are now stored under the more appropriate "extensions." branch
  • Removed a few extraneous menu updates during initialization
  • Removed the obsolete contents.rdf files from each localization folder, reducing overall file size
  • Changed the minVersion from 1.5 to 3.6
  • Bug Fix: Several registered event listeners were not being removed on shutdown

Verze 45.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 10.*

Version 2.5.2 includes the following changes:

  • Added support for Firefox 5 and 6
  • Minor locale updates

Verze 46.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 6.*

Bumped the maxVersion to 4.0.* to allow CoLT to work in all future Firefox 4 builds.

Verze 2.5.0 46.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

Version 2.5.0 includes the following changes:

  • Added capability to capture selected text when copying the page's title and location

  • Added the local time stamp to the available fields for custom formats

  • A rich-text custom format is now one of the default formats for new installs of CoLT

  • Added a new Swedish (sv-SE) localization

  • Cleaned up some now redundant preferences used by CoLT

  • CoLT licensing has been updated and relaxed.

  • Bug Fix: Corrected a problem that caused CoLT to stop working in Firefox 4.0 builds

  • Bug Fix: Copying as rich text now works properly if the rich text option is the only custom format in the custom format list (i.e. it appears as a top-level menu item)

  • Bug Fix: Removing an item from the custom format list no longer causes the selected index to be cleared

  • Bug Fix: Moving items around in the custom format list when the list contains many items no longer causes the selection to disappear

Verze 2.4.7 43.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

Bug Fix: Page titles are now copied in a more appropriate fashion, and should no longer result in an undefined value on trunk builds of Firefox

Verze 2.4.6 43.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.6.*

Version 2.4.6 adds support for Firefox 3.6.

Verze 2.4.5 43.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.5.*

Version 2.4.5 cleans up the extension's JavaScript code and removes a stray log message.

Verze 2.4.4 43.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.5.*

Changes in this release include:

* Bumped the maxVersion to 3.5.* to support Firefox 3.5 builds
* Updated the Arabic (ar) localization

Verze 2.4.3 42.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.0.*

Version 2.4.2 adds a new feature to copy the current page title and location, several new custom format variables, and an Arabic (ar) translation. Version 2.4.3 fixes a few bugs I mistakenly overlooked in 2.4.2.

Verze 2.4.1 33.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.0.*

Version 2.4.1 adds support for the new Firefox 3.0 RC1 build, as well as a couple of locale updates.

Verze 2.4.0 33.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.5 - 3.0pre

Version 2.4.0 adds a new rich-text format copy option, Firefox 3.0pre support, a new Persian (fa-IR) translation, and a new Polish (pl-PL) translation.

Verze 2.3.0 28.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.*

New Features
* CoLT now supports an unlimited number of custom formats for the 'Copy Link Text and Location' action.
* When only one format is available for the 'Copy Link Text and Location' action, it appears as a menu item, rather than an item in a sub-menu.
* Custom menu separators can now be added to the 'Copy Link Text and Location' sub-menu.

New Localizations
* Added a new Czech (cs-CZ) translation.
* Added a new Korean (ko-KR) translation.
* Added a new Lithuanian (lt-LT) translation.
* Added a new Chinese Simplified (zh-CN) translation.

Verze 2.2.1 22.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.*

Version 2.2.1 adds two new localizations: Dutch (nl-NL) and Ukrainian (uk-UA), as well as a new extension logo icon.

Verze 2.2 20.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 2.0.0.*

Version 2.2 adds support for the latest Firefox 2.0 nightly builds.

Verze 2.1.1 20.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 2.0b2

Version 2.1.1 adds Bon Echo beta 2 support, a new Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) translation, and a new Danish (da-DK) translation.

Verze 2.1 18.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 2.0b1

Version 2.1 fixes a few bugs and adds a new Turkish (tr-TR) localization.

Verze 2.0 17.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 2.0b1

Version 2.0 adds two more custom formats for the "Copy Link Text and Location" action, adds support for Firefox 2.0 (Beta 1), includes a new Slovak (sk-SK) localization, and more.

Verze 1.3.2 13.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.*

Version 1.3.2 adds two new translations: Spanish (es-ES) and Russian (ru-RU).

Verze 1.3.1 12.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.*

Version 1.3.1 adds four translations: es-AR, fr-FR, it-IT, and ja-JP.

Verze 1.3 9.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 1.0 - 1.5.0.*

Version 1.3 add an option that allows the user to display the "Copy Link Text and Location" menu item as a sub-menu, providing quick access to all three available copy formats.