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  • Hallo was ist los?

  • Update your extension to work with Firefox 57.

  • Excellent addon to fix something that should've remained default but won't work in version 57.

  • Click per element far more reasonable. Default On/Off on page is not funny if a web page consist multiple elements.

  • Perfect

  • In Newest Nightly, this add-on became unvalid, the flash content alerts me to get the newest version of flashplayer. Please have an update. Thx.

  • Thank you for making this add-on! It works perfectly, and the hide plugin notifications feature is a godsend!

    Again, the users are fixing what Mozilla is breaking, wonderful and sad at the same time.

  • There's an issue with embedded Vimeo clips -- they don't play after clicking, and it doesn't change even if you use the "Allow for now" option on the navigation bar. (However, the link to the Vimeo site is functional, so you can watch them there).

  • Pale Moon users should apply this workaround:

  • Please update for latest Palemoon release! Can't live without this addon!

  • The extension is not working wich means we are waiting for the update haha :))


  • Dunno if its possible... But could you give support for later versions of the addon for Palemoon, thanks!

  • Useful Add-on. @mertzi and @alekssav this is Add-on!! Go to wikipedia and search: "plugin" and "Add-on"

  • Hi, I'm using the developer edition (42.0a2 (2015-08-20)) of Firefox so I can have access to 64-bit now, rather than later, and unfortunately when you have this add-on enabled, Firefox doesn't detect any plug-ins, rendering it useless.

    Obviously I can't rate you down too much as providing support for unreleased editions in a free product is a little much and it did work up until recently, so 4/5 until you can get this sorted, as it will be a problem in the near future, I guess.

  • This is a very very useful plugin, I hate flash, but I just upgraded firefox and now all flash loads automatically.

  • Add-on works as expected, but the "hide plugin notifications" feature doesn't function in Pale Moon x64 browser (W8.1). If I use v0.0.7 it does not show any flash notification

  • Works as advertised since severeal versions.
    Keep up the good work.

    (Btw: Why isn't this a default option for FF ?! )

  • Best for Mozilla Firefox

  • works as advertised

  • Thank you for maintaining this wonderful add-on. This is one of the features I would switch browsers for if it wasn't possible to add it in Firefox.

  • good add-on

  • Doesn't work in e10 like the author mentioned. Please upvote the bugzilla report on the addon here, maybe the Mozilla engineers will offer assistance if enough people upvote


  • Why is this functionality/option not a part of the default FF build?

  • This is a life saver, many thanks.

  • Great addon... I'm just finding strange the "styles.hidePluginNotifications" present at old versions disappeared... So i'm reverting to 0.0.4 cause with it i can hide the nagging warn to unblock flash at every page that has it... At 0.0.7 i can't do it cause "styles.hidePluginNotifications" has gone...