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Very useful add-on. But, unfortunately Squared classic tabs from Classic Theme Restorer 1.3.5 beta 2 not working in Firefox Developer Edition 41.0a2 (2015-07-03).
I am using Default 41.0a2 theme and Developer theme is disabled.

You have to disable the developer theme preference on CTRs preferences advanced category.
This is a bug on Mozillas developer channel, where that preference is still kept for no reason. http://i.imgur.com/On3npCb.png

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Is there any change to get this to thunderbird too ? i don't like that australis so wan't to change it to classic.

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Отличное дополнение!
А можно удалить книгу в адресной строке ("Перейти в Вид для чтения")?

P.S.> Oh, thank you! I'm blindman! ))

Thats already possible. Look into CTRs preferences.


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the must have for firefox 38 and his boring interface.

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Fantastic Add-on. Another great add-on by this person.

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Can we please, please, please have a way to just remove the "Go" button in the address bar? It's completely unnecessary and it's half covered by the Search bar anyway.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.3.3). 

Update to the latest beta. An option for this was recently added to CTR.

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Excellent to save space and stay with the old good uncluttered look. I prefer a minimalist UI. Moreover, with this extension FF seems faster.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.3.3). 

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used to be good add-on but lately it breaks Firefox theme

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.3.3). 

What exactly does it break?

Come to support forum and post some screenshots.

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Didn't find the 10 out of 5 stars option, unfortunately. But this addon deserves it. This addon is slick, comprehensive and offers a lot of functionality. Since I only just started using FF as my main browser, but had used FF in the past as my secondary browser, I had certain ideas about what should look/behave how. Unfortunately the FF developers were apparently overruled by their marketing department or forgot that user interface stability is *the* key to success in any tool with a user interface. Opera (until the schism after version 12.x) had gotten that point. Changes were ever so slight and always in line with previous design and usability decisions. Combine that with customizability and you'll have happy users. This addon provides the customization features that the core browser is lacking by now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wanted to contribute 10 bucks, but so far haven't gotten feedback via email (with a payment request of so). I'll try again if it doesn't work out. Thanks again!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.3.3). 

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Dear developer:
Thank you very much for listening to my previous suggestion to move the "Go" button from the location bar to the toolbar.
The next step is to combine the "Go" button with the "Stop" and "Reload" buttons in the toolbar, just like they are combined "natively" in the location bar. That would be great!
Thank you once again for a fantastic extension.

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'Go' buttons visibility relies on current location bar status (focused/valid etc.), while reload/stop button visibility rely on current loading status.

Its not possible to combine 'go' button with 'stop' and 'reload' buttons, if they are not in location bar, because the toolbar button version of the go button does not get and can not get the current location bar status.

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I think Mozilla made the wrong decision to get rid of the Add-on Bar and alienated many valuable users in the process.

Fortunately, extensions like this one came along and put back what Mozilla took out.

I must ask the rhetorical question: If a small extension like this can bring back all that functionality, was it really necessary for Mozilla to remove it?

Clearly, having this functionality makes many people happy, and is not causing problems.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.3.3). 

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if you want do get out the pocket button, go to about:config, search pocket and set all stings to empty and all boolean to false... same for the textreader, search reader and clean all variables.

for me the "Classic Theme Restorer" is one of the best AddOn.. great work thanks

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Mozilla is making Firefox look even worse: the about:preferences page, Add-ons manager and error pages are becoming cross-platform. The buttons, checkboxes and other controls don't look like system-default controls. That's disgusting.
Could you make an extension which would make the controls system-default-looking? Would be great!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (  Tento uživatel má jednu dřívější recenzi tohoto doplňku.

I currently have no plans to change/modify about:preferences pages.

You can still use the "old" preference window by setting browser.preferences.inContent to false on about:config page.

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Not bad, but the Option to get rid of Pocket does not work properly. It did set the flag in About:Config and I did the restart, but the Pocket Button is still on the Bookmarks drop down and I can not find a way to get rid of it.

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That is a Firefox bug and a Firefox option. To remove all "Pocket" content, you have to move Pocket button into customization palette before disabling it.

Current CTR betas show this extra information.

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Don't see any difference with latest dev build 1.3.3b8 and didn't understand anything withh what will be altered by new Mozilla politic ...

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Thanks! The four menu button icons (black, white, with and without dropmarker) are fine!
Is it possible to add the same in dark gray color as the native Firefox icons?
Keep up the good work!

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Those icons would have to be created first. ;-)

Keep in mind different OS versions and OS themes use different gray values for their "default" icons, so we are talking about 6-8 of them here.

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@Aris: Info on your reply to loomes loomes: I installed the dev of TMP and it made no difference.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (  Tento doplněk má 2 předchozí recenze tohoto doplňku.

Install latest CTR dev build.

TMP is bugged in Fx39+, but if you use CTRs color settings an a curved tab appearance, CTR offers a workaround.

Also keep in mind, this is a TabMixPlus bug, not a CTR bug.

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Excelente complemento, parece ser inestable en dispositivos con video onboard, en mi caso lo probé en mi notebook antigua, pero en dispositivos actuales no parece haber problema.

Básicamente hace lo que dice, salva a los usuarios del horrendo Australis, ademas de agregar algunas opciones extra.

Es uno de mis complementos indispensables, y lo recomiendo plenamente.

Edito: No se si te sirve la información, pero te detallo lo que pasa. En paginas con alta carga gráfica la UI falla, creo que esta de mas decirlo pero con el complemento desactivado no ocurre.

Todo se pone de un color negro plano, aunque el resto sigue funcionando. En todos los casos tuve que reiniciar el navegador.

En mi PC de escritorio, vengo usando el complemento creo desde que se estrenó y nunca me paso. Ya que la única diferencia entre ambas esta en el hardware intuí ahí el problema.

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Wondering why CTR would be "unstable on devices with onboard video" since it does not deal with drivers or hardware at all.

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First, its an great Addon :)
I have setup it months ago and all works great.
But now with FF39 Beta and Version 1.3.3b4 with rounded Tabs the Background Settings for activ Tab are broken. Its looks: http://www.directupload.net/file/d/4002/x3x3q9e5_png.htm
With normal (not active) Tab it works.

Edit: Yes when i disable TabMixPlus its working again ): So said, i need both Addons.

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Do you have TabMixPlus or any other tab related add-ons installed? If yes, try to disable it/them and report back. Or come to support forums.

TMP (release / devbuild) currently breaks even the default tabs provided by Firefox in Fx 39+. Disable CTR, restart and look at the tabs...
I guess, if you want to use TMP, you have to stay on Fx38.x.

Please test latest CTR beta and latest TMP devbuild and report back.

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This is the ONLY thing that is keeping me using Firefox. You listening Mozilla developers??
Great job giving users control over the UI.

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