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  • This little add on makes the act of simply using and learning about FireFox oddly addictive. It is really fun, and it definitely makes the act of using my favorite web browser a game! No problems so far, and the add on works perfectly!

  • Awesome add-on! If you love Visual Studio Achievements, you will love this add-on too.

  • there are some things about computers that are not so easily understood and it would be nice to be able to know what the creator was thinking when he gave these achievements names or life per say. i would like to learn more of what he was expecting for the end user..please

  • Interesting idea. I think it's pretty fun!

  • Bahahahaha

    "Tabs are teh pretty" rofl

  • Как все ачивки то заработать?)

  • I tough I knew Ff well... I was wrong !

  • This is beautiful. I absolutely adore acheivmables for all of the obvious reasons.

    I only wish there were more options, like fade times, opacity and location, so as to make it a little less intrusive on the screen. Also, an easier way to navigate to the about:cheevos page (like clicking the acheivment maybe?) instead of the button would be nice.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have some points to collect...

    Odpověď vývojáře

    Thank you, these are great ideas. I'll try to incorporate them in to the next version :)

  • Excited to get learning while I play. Already spending more time doing Cheevos related stuff than playing what I should be playing or doing lol

  • Nice tool to teach new users a system

  • Este bun

  • Wow and Wow ... amazingly awesome. Hats off to developer of this add-on.

  • Amazing

  • Es una buena aplicación me gusta mucho :)

  • Use

  • very nice gadget i like it !

  • This add on is superlative. However at times, I find the achievements in a coded manner and cannot figure out what it means.

  • wat means by the hint same time same place

  • best

  • Awesome add on!

  • Surprisingly fun and well made.

  • Fun and polished, couldn't ask for more!

  • Great idea!

  • EPIC people

  • interesting add-on, makes you want to try and understand firefox better