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  • Excellent!
  • I have been looking for this for some time thanks for being the first programer to make it. EDIT: after using for a few weeks I noticed that it would lose it's settings four or five times a day. Kind of a pain if you have to reset it that often.
  • Not working in Firefox 29?
  • I have all my stuff- url bar, tabs, buttons, close/min/max, etc- on ONE bar. This extension fixed my screen space for buttons problem. However, like one of the other commentors, the popup behavior of this addon drove me nuts. I continued using it because I had to in order to free space for my tabs.

    I had enough, so I decided to see if I could fix it. A dirty fix, but it works. Download the extension and use a decompressor to unpack it (rename it to a zip if necessary- thats basically what it is). In the result, go to: chrome/content/overlay.js.

    Search for the onMouseOver method. Change it from what it is to::
    //var buttonId=button.getAttribute('id')
    //var id=buttonId.substring("buttonizer-".length);
    //var popup=document.getElementById('buttonizer-popup'+id);

    Im using the // to make it more clear, though you can comment out code in other ways with java. Anyways, save the file and go back to the original directory. Now repack into something like: buttonizer-0.2-fixed.zip

    After you do that, rename from buttonizer-0.2-fixed.zip to buttonizer-0.2-fixed.xpi and install it into firefox from the gear icon at the top of the addons manager. I would have just posted a fix, but its a really bad idea to install software from strangers you dont know. Its better if you do it yourself!

    With this "fix", the toolbar will not popup at all when you hover over it. You left click, it opens. You click somewhere else (on the button or on firefox), it closes. Unfortunately, it doesnt close after you click on something in the toolbar. Ill see if I can mess with the method later and post a fix for that. Hopefully the dev will update this great extension..
  • I really love that extension. It gaves my Firefox a clean look and hides a lot of stuff I didn't use that often. There is only one thing I really miss:

    It would be great to have the option that the menu is only showed when I PRESS the button (not hovering).

    Please keep up the good work!
  • With so many apps that are used as toolbars out there, a sizable chunk of your screen can be taken up quickly, especially if your screen's short and wide like mine.

    I've been looking for this to use with the Character Palette addon for my kid's French classes and also symbols for his Algebra. This button tool is perfect for all the addons out there that do not toggle. The need to toggle extra toolbars should be obvious by now but developers haven't completely caught on to it. I don't know why.

    Thanks again for the obvious and perfect addon. If there was one thing it could use, maybe the ability toggle more than one bar at a time.

    Thanks again.

  • This is a really nice add-on! I like my Firefox interface as clean, and simple as possible, i have allot of add-on´s, and this clean´s up my toolbar. I thought that, it would be nice with an option of animation, expanding the length of the default toolbar, decreasing length of address bar, when hovering pointer over the "Buttonizer" button. multiple buttons option would be nice also. Thank you!!
  • This is great.
    I look forward to the next versions because there is still work to be done.

    (1) After playing with it for a while the Customize Toolbar dialog could not be loaded anymore.
    (2) The toolbar appears too quickly when the mouse hovers the button. It's annoying.
    (3) The toolbar disappears too quickly when the mouse goes bellow or to the sides of the toolbar.
    (4) A solution is needed to multiple toolbars. Multiple buttons?
    (5) Can it be a No Restart add-on?
  • I've wanted something like this for a long, long time. It's not quite up as functional as I'd like though. An option to choose left-clicking to open rather than revealing it by hovering would be one improvement. Also, bookmarks for me don't work for more than one folder tree, the root, until I re-hover and then sub-folders are displayable. Customising the length would be good as it's cutting off some of my bookmark folders and merging them into a drop-down arrow (even though my screen has room to display them all at once). Having the option for multiple rows and to set the position that the toolbar appears at could be desirable too. Overall: long overdue idea, not executed to the extent it should have been (yet, hopefully!). Partially functional (though I may have some conflicting addons) but not functional enough for daily use. Please improve! (:
  • very good ;)
  • it wasnt working until i deleted some unnescesary addons

    still needs the ability to have more than one as another user said before
    and a nice feature would be if it could stay opend when you click on it XP
  • Buggy

    bookmark properties will not open , menubar using alt will not open , customize button gets greyed out
  • Very nice ! It also recognize the "others" toolbars (I use the "File and Folders Shortcuts")
    What about the possibility to toggle between "click" or "hover" on the button ? (I would like to click without the previous hover activation)
  • This is awesome. The only thing that you need to add is the ability to have more than one instance of this button for various toolbars and allow the thumbnail to be customizable
  • Even works in full-screen mode, if you move the button to the vertical toolbar ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/vertical-toolbar/ )
    No more status/add-on bar problem, having chosen Buttonizer to show add-on bar, but do as you wish, it's all in the options :)
  • Great idea! Could you get it to work in full screen mode? Also, added additional Bookmarks icon to toolbar that allows full pulldown menu of bookmarks just like Bookmarks menu selection--nice!
  • Very good addition. I hope that will be developed. Good luck.
  • I was looking for something like that since i buy my netbook. Thank you really for your time! :)
    So far it works great!
  • great idea...but how do you get the menu to open to the left of the button like in your picture??
  • Идея хорошая, но работает только панель меню (FF4RC2, Win XP)
    The idea is good, but it works just the menu bar (FF4RC2, Win XP)
  • Awesome idea!
  • Working great!
    One suggestion - watch for can set any shortcut key & mouse wheel select any toolbars!
  • Brilliant idea for a FF addon. Keep up the good work!
  • идея хорошая)