Does not work with Pale Moon 25.* Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

That add-on looks great, it seems to work with the latest firefox versions but not with Pale Moon 25.*. On Pale Moon, I get the "Nothing to scan" error, even after selecting all bookmarks folders manually. The link provided for this problem here on the add-ons page does not work.

Right-Click "MAXIMIZE" so you don't lose your mind with a 4" window environment. Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

And that is why I took one star off. I had to fiddle around deleting items in my Toolbar to get it to show up. Reboot a couple of times. But yes, it does a magnificent job once you can get that little star to show. Duplicates, Broken links, Error-generated links. It's all there.

In addition to the primordial hack of "Maximize Window", it can be squirrely to page down while marking your entries for Whitelisting. Just click the lowest box, unclick it, line down once . . . and then you can "Page Down" until the next bottleneck. Repeat, Rinse. Others have noted the interface is in desperate need of some | | | columns | | |. I have a strong suspicion the interface was designed for a cellphone environment. Nonetheless it's a little beast, so BACKUP YOUR BOOKMARKS first. ;)

And if your monitor supports it I can tell you it's a thing to behold on a 1920px widescreen pivoted to Portrait Mode!

Awesome Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Really glad I found this addon. Had some issues with firefox and had to re add my bookmarks which of course created so many duplicates of each other. I love that this also checks for errors and bad links.

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Works really well at finding bad bookmarks. However, I have three suggestions:

1. Make the report window resizable. This would reduce the need to scroll so much.

2. Make the column headings in the report window resizable too (after making the report window resizable). This would allow more information to show.

3. Add a location column. I arrange my bookmarks in folders and subfolders. Finding a bad bookmarks is still pretty difficult. I know I can delete a bad bookmark without having to search it down, but this would still be a useful feature to have.

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Excellent :)

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Poly kalo. Prepei oposdipote na yparxei kai ws epilogi se menuitem.

useful very helpful Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

::no comments::

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Exactly as advertised. Worked perfectly the first time. Went through 3000 bookmarks in only a few minutes

Not too helpful Ohodnoceno 2 z 5 hvězdiček

Very needed add-on, but unfortunately very inconvenient solution. Once the check is done, it's not possible to edit URLs from the result list, or even see the location of bad bookmars, so correcting them is a nightmare. Also the bookmark library would be a better place for accessing the interface than the toolbar button (you don't need it very often).

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Works like a charm, does exactly what it says.
Can also find duplicate bookmarks, which I also found immensly useful.

Why didn't try this before, I missed it Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Most awesome! Over the years I've accumulated about 4k bookmarks, and that's with using some web link checker tools. I've installed this and gone through it's results of my bookmarks, which was a lot more efficient than checking them on the web page I made of them. After going through the results, I decided to delete 99% of the bad results. Some I'll probably have to find again and will but most were links I knew I didn't need. This culled about 1k of links, some I've accumulated probably over 10 years ago that just redirected or were domains now for sale.

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В окне результатов не хватает отображения имён папок в которых лежат найденные не рабочие закладки или дубликаты.
Также хотелось бы чтоб дополнение имело функцию обновления иконок сайтов для закладок.
Спасибо за Ваши труды.

Very useful ! I wish to add two new functions ! 非常有用,我希望增加两个新功能! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Two New Functions - Internet Archive Wayback Machine & Is It Down Right Now ?
两个新功能 - 互联网档案时光机 & 网站现在关闭了么?

This function is to add two options in the Report Window pop-up menu.
Open URL Wayback (Internet Archive Wayback Machine -
Open URL IIDRN? (Is It Down Right Now ? -
I modified the three local codes:(Interested friends could try DIY ! ^o^)

打开URL的过往(互联网档案时光机 -
打开URL从IIDRN?(网站现在关闭了么? =

line14 + <!ENTITY report.openurlwayback "Open URL Wayback">
line15 + <!ENTITY report.openurliidrn "Open URL IIDRN?">
line22 - <!ENTITY report.removeFromList "Add to Whiteist">
line24 + <!ENTITY report.removeFromList "Add to Whitelist">

line194 + case "5":
line195 + this.openNewTab("*/"+(bookmarks[].uri));
line196 + break;
line197 + case "6":
line198 + this.openNewTab(""+(bookmarks[].uri));
line199 + break;

line19 + <menuitem label="&report.openurlwayback;" oncommand="reportHelper.contextHandler(event)" value="5"/>
line20 + <menuitem label="&report.openurliidrn;" oncommand="reportHelper.contextHandler(event)" value="6"/>

All Bookmarks Up To Date!!! Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Worked perfectly for me! Many thanks for making this available. All my bookmarks are up to date now!

Bookmarks Checker Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

This is the best add-on for Firefox. This add-on along with Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner will do what other reviewers requested!

Une bonne extension Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Bonjour. Je viens de testé avec MF 31.0 . Parfait. fonctionne bien pour les liens morts. Merci :)

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I love this add-on! (When I have time to go though my bookmarks and check for bad links.) Since I don't use it often, I'd like to be able to access it easily when I do want to use it. I've put the button in my sidebar, but the button doesn't stay there persistently, which means that whenever I want to use the add-on I have to go into my customize menu and drag the button back to where I want it. This would be five stars if the button was persistent.

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Seem to be good, i was looking for a extension like that long time ago , i have use checkplace...
but, iam a little dissapointed when i scan for duplicat bookmarks
i dont know if i need to check all or keep one
so i was testing checking all et deleted them but dont look to work... nothing happen... can someone help me please ?

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Very useful

One suggestion : make the report window resizable : to sort 340 bad links, this small window is a pain.

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Great add-on. Two key features that would make it even better. The add-on provides good functionaly if you want to remove the bookmark with the error. There are two enhancements that I think would provide the tools to "fix" the problem bookmark. the results report, show the location (folder) where the bookmark with the problem is located. Two...again, in the results report, allow the editing of the bookmark (name and URL).