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Florian Fieber

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Proč byl Bloody Vikings! vytvořen?

As more and more websites required registering with an e-mail address without properly disclosing how it'll be used,
I switched to using temporary email addresses for each website I intended not to visit again. While reducing the amount of spam sent to my real email address and protecting my privacy, the process of manually creating and using a temporary email address was a bit tedious, especially when I had to try different providers. Thus, Bloody Vikings! was born. In case you're wondering about the name, you might be interested some Spam, bacon, sausage and Spam.

Co je dalšího u Bloody Vikings! plánováno

Bloody Vikings! was in maintenance mode for quite some time now, meaning I fixed broken services when they were reported and kept the add-on compatible with the latest Firefox version. This doesn't mean that I'm out of ideas. If there's enough interest, I consider the following features:

  • Improve the user interface and feedback
    • Handle anonbox's issue in a user-friendly manner
    • Rethink label names, especially for users installing Bloody Vikings! as a part of a compilation. Contra: I really like muttering "Bloody Vikings!" when asked for my e-mail address.
    • Add an option to report broken services
  • Improve code quality, add documentation and push it to Github
  • Fully support providers with multiple domains
  • Finally fix compatibility with MenuEditor
  • Make Bloody Vikings! restartless
  • Android support
  • Important: e10s compatibility!

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Jméno Florian Fieber
Zaregistrován(a) od December 8, 2010
Počet vyvíjených doplňků 1 doplněk
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