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  • Je suis abonnée à bitdefender antivirus et bitdefender central,donc je n'ai aucunes inquiétude quand à bitwarden je suis certaine que je serai bien protégé !
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  • I used Bitwarden for several years now. Runs on everything I own, allows you to store passwords on your own infrastructure or just about anything else, open source, allows sharing of passwords between multiple users, a very serviceable UI and a responsive developer. It's about as good as a small software project gets.

    The one criticism I have can be leveled at most of these things, and that is a privileged user (eg, root) can dump most of your passwords once you have unlocked them by scanning memory. Lastpass in particular does a really good job of circumventing this (but of course has an even bigger security flaw - its closed source). Unfortunately I suspect this is really hard to fix in something written in Javascript. But do be aware of this flaw and never use the Bitwarden on a multi-user machine.
  • Tip top! Nothing more to say.

    Useful shortcuts:

    Open popup: Ctrl + Shift + U
    Fill in credentials: Ctrl + Shift + L
    Generate password: Ctrl + Shift + 9
  • The ffox extension is perfect. And bitwarden is a good program, opensource but with SaaS version at affordable price
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  • Awesome! It works fine on PC and Android phone.
  • This add-on is missing a basic functionality that many other password managers such as Lastpass, Myki etc. have which is showing the add-on logo in the login fields of automaticlly for websites that already have a login entry saved in Bitwarden, such that if you click on the logo in the login input textbox then it shows the login details stored in the system and clicking that should automatically fill the login ID and password fields. Currently you either have to click on the Bitwarden logo in the top menu bar and click on the login details that show up or use the context menu to select the login, both of these are very clunky ways of auto-typing the login details.
  • Awesome! Everything works great! Keep up improving.