Bigger Fonts Fewer Errors Higher Level of Security Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Finally! This is a feature that should have been standard fare, since Windows 3.1.
I have very low vision, so this is an improvement that has made computing more secure, especially when on-line.
It makes it much easier to note if a site's address is correct or if one is being redirected.
There have been no noticeable glitches and it has operated non-fail, without any input from me, since it was installed.
Even those of you blessed with good eyesight should find that this add-on makes for a far better computing experience, as well as one that is more secure.
It also makes inputting E-address so much simpler.

Glad you like it!

NoSquint is another great addon for people who would perfer bigger text. It automatically zoom webpages to comortable reading size. It is also highly configurable.