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Do any of you bandwagon douches ever wonder why this theme requires a restart of Firefox, when no others do? Look at the code.

Stop claiming Anonymous just because you share "their" political beliefs. You're just kids. This "cyberpunk" bullshit is a fad, and it's definitely not what you think. Not saying the cause isn't legit, just saying that there are a few too many wearing stupid masks and contributing nothing.

It's all a conundrum, anyway. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

GregRyan does not forgive, does not forget.

OK. Impunity is repaid in kind. So clever that he listed his name like he would on a standardized test: Ryan, Greg. Claims to have studied at MIT, doubtful.

Attended a religious school in Saskatoon.. Holy Cross. Funnily enough, linked to an entirely different Holy Cross (as if the world is short on Catholic schools), one in Pennsylvania.

The dead giveaway was his involvement with the "Saudi Bin-Laden Group." Clearly, not terrorists, but more of a satire. The connection was made once this pattern was obersved: Comments on the first and only "Anonymous" Firefox theme he finds. Also, more than 30% of the members of that group have jobs in computer science.

Anyway, he doesn't realize using such a phrase as, "we do not forgive, we do not forget, expedct us," is literally a red flag for all sorts of the more "creepy" element among us. Some of us are absolute grammar nazis, and hate the lack of interpunction. At the same time, we enjoy cyber security and true anonymity, and we seek out those who are.. retarded. And wonder if they ever catch the cryptic comments left behind theirs long after they slipped up.