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I have a friend who typically has over 500 tabs open, and I would watch as they struggled to manage their tabs via the tabs bar. The "List all tabs" drop down menu displays tabs in a form which seemed so much more practical to me than the tabs bar. But it seemed like it fell short in that the only thing you could do was select a tab. Originally I thought to just add the ability close a tab, and to move a tab by drag and drop. But very quickly I started to see what an ideal interface this would be to do things I had wished I could do with tabs - move or close multiple tabs - load/unload them - view only most recently visited, duplicates, or search them - and so many other things. Over time All Tabs Helper evolved into what it is now.

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Kdo je Allasso Travesser?

My Development Philosophy

Right off, let's get one thing straight: I do this for me. ME, ME, ME. It is an outlet for my creative expression. Sometimes I see work someone is doing, or that I am doing, and I'm inspired how I can make a tool or improve existing software that would assist. The software I write is not for everyone, nor is it intended to be. Sometimes others flow with my vision, and can find benefit to themselves in using what I've created. So I make some of it available publicly, and I am most happy if a few others get some help from it. I am not opposed to feature requests, and have granted MANY, even some things that I wouldn't even use. But keep in mind my philosophy. Sometimes there's a way in which requests can begin to feel oppressive.

Regarding Reviews

I am often saddened when people give an addon (not just my own) a less than good review because it lacks one or two things that would make it "just perfect" for them. A very powerful tool so they even say themselves. If it just had a button over here. Like giving a Lamborghini 4 stars (or even 3 or 2) because it's hard to get in and out of. It should have mechanized seats that automatically extend out, raise up and scoop the driver into the car. Then I'd give it 5 stars. Okay, so these addons are not quite Lamborghinis, but you get my point. Ah, so I've said it. But it will never change, there will always be those kinds of reviews.

Regarding Donations

I'm sometimes asked, "Where's the Donate button?" I've chosen not to use one because the layout on AMO feels too much like soliciting to me. If I start soliciting donations, I'll begin to feel like I owe my users something. There is a quote I've read: "Owe no man anything". I like that quote. But there are some who are very grateful for the benefit my software has given them, and sincerely want the opportunity to give their thanks monetarily for what they've already received - no strings attached - no promise of "further development". I don't want to deny them that. If you fit that description you can PayPal


All in all, as long as this is fun for me, I'll continue on. If it becomes fun no longer, I will move on.