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Verze 0.7.31 452.1 KiB Podporuje Firefox 49.0 a novější

  • remove support for deprecated error console

  • sidebar close button doesn’t work with third-party extensions
  • addon panel is displayed wrong when opened in a tab
  • update notification in addon panel doesn’t appear


Verze 0.7.30 458.4 KiB Podporuje Firefox 48.0 a novější

  • disable sidebar collapsing by default (temporarily as quickfix)

  • apply and ok button in preferences not working
  • small code fixes


Verze 0.7.29 458.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 48.0 a novější

  • sidebar panels open in new windows

  • the option “Open in Sidebar” for all panels has no effect

Verze 0.7.28 442.5 KiB Podporuje Firefox 43.0 a novější

  • update localizations

  • page info shows no information when opened in a window

  • page info still shows no information when opened in the sidebar

Verze 0.7.27 442.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 41.0 a novější

  • enable multiprocess compatibility in install manifest

  • settings for fullscreen mode are ignored
  • hide sidebar switch by default in fullscreen mode
  • global notification for available updates isn't showing in addon panel

Verze 0.7.26 438.2 KiB Podporuje Firefox 39.0 a novější

  • update localizations
  • improve addons panel for Fx40
  • remove aios preferences button from firefox preferences

Verze 440.2 KiB Podporuje Firefox 32.0 a novější

  • code cleanup

Verze 441.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 32.0 a novější

  • update localizations
  • small changes to default toolbar and menu layout
  • remember clicked bookmark and scroll position
  • fixes for dark themes
  • duplicated or invisible close buttons (sidebarheader, addons panel)
  • duplicated separators in sidebar menu

Verze 441.8 KiB Podporuje Firefox 29.0 a novější

  • compatibility with Firefox 31

Verze 441.8 KiB Podporuje Firefox 29.0 a novější

  • toolbar configuration for Firefox 29

Verze 464.6 KiB Podporuje Firefox 27.0 a novější

  • tools button in bookmarks and history panel are hidden
  • downloads sidebar broken in Firefox 26 (this is work in progress; support of the new downloads manager will be improved in the next version)

Verze 464.2 KiB Podporuje Firefox 22.0 a novější

  • toolbar icon mode isn't saved
  • sidebar always opens on every browser start

Verze 464.1 KiB Podporuje Firefox 23.0 a novější

  • compatibility with Fx 23
  • addons wrongly marked as disabled
  • sidebar switch and toolbar visible in fullscreen mode when playing HTML5 videos

Verze 444.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 14.0 a novější

  • compatibility with Fx 15
  • Bookmarks & History: folder options are applied without the need of reloading the panel
  • different bug, code, and performance fixes

Verze 446.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 13.0 a novější

  • compatibility with Fx 14
  • inverted icons for dark background themes (personas) on Windows
  • reorganized style importing for better performance
  • different theme fixes
  • different bug and code fixes

Verze 429.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 11.0 a novější

  • performance fixes

Many users had problems with the performance of Firefox in conjunction with AiOS 0.7.15. This build should fix these problems. Please post in my forum if you still get problems, because the comments here are not suitable for bug reports and support by me. An user account isn't needed for posting in my forum.

Please excuse me for inconvenience and many thanks for reporting!

Verze 425.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 11.0 a novější

  • compatibility with Fx 12
  • updated localisations
  • compatibility issues with GreaseMonkey
  • wrong icons on some UNIX systems
  • different theme fixes
  • different code fixes

Verze 439.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 4.0 a novější

  • compatibility with Fx 6.0a2
  • about tab in preferences
  • removed support for Fx < 4
  • improvements for Firefox 4
    • the search field in the add-ons manager is flexible
    • more consistent design of panels
  • new icons in preferences
  • compatibility problem with RoboForm (semitransparent bottom bar of RoboForm)
  • the Sidebar Switch and the AiOS Toolbar is hidden when closing Firefox in fullscreen mode and re-open it
  • the preference "Show the Downloads window when downloading a file" is not saved
  • compatibility issues with TotalToolbar
  • different theme fixes
  • different bug and code fixes

Verze 500.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 a novější

  • compatibility with Fx 4.0.*
  • improved the Add-ons Manager of Fx 4 for the sidebar
  • removed the "Install..." button from the add-ons panel by not changing the preference "extensions.hideInstallButton" (on request of Mozilla)
  • removed the Page Source Panel
  • compatibility issue with Greasemonkey
  • different bug and code fixes and improvements

Verze 0.7.12 472.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.6 - 4.0b6

  • compatibility with Fx4b6
  • about:support in MultiPanel
  • toolbars can be customized all at once - no need for separate customizing
    Attention: It's no more possible to use duplicate buttons on different toolbars. Please use Custom Buttons or Custom Buttons2 to duplicate buttons and read here for more details.
  • removed support for Fx <= 3.5
  • removed the source button of the MultiPanel
  • new icons for all buttons and menu items (only Fx 4)
  • customization of toolbars on Mac OS X doesn't work
  • different other toolbar fixes
  • theme fixes for all platforms
  • about:config isn't working in a tab if it was opened in the MultiPanel before
  • "Clear list" button of the downloads panel doesn't work
  • page info in a tab doesn't work
  • thin sidebar switch doesn't work in Fx > 3.6
  • bookmarks aren't vertical aligned when placed on the AiOS toolbar
  • page source panel will not show the correct source code if the page was sent by a form with the method POST
  • compatibility issues with Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar (no vertical bookmarks, no grippy)
  • compatibility issue with Total Toolbar (grey strip at the bottom of the sidebar)
  • different bug and code fixes and improvements

Verze 0.7.11 443.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.7a1pre

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)

+ compatibility with Fx 3.7a1pre
+ Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar-SA) localization (thanks to Natty Dreed)
+ Albanian (sq-AL) localization (thanks to Puntori)

* Mac OS X: native toolbar icons
* Mac OS X: icons for subpanels of add-ons, pageinfo and error console
* Mac OS X: layout fixes including items not greyed out when the window lost the focus
* Mac OS X: enabled fullscreen options for Fx >= 3.6
* changed keyboard shortcut modifier from Ctrl+Shift to Ctrl+Alt to avoid conflicts
* improved compatibility with Personas (especially for Fx >= 3.6)
* improved compatibility with Add-on Collector
* different small improvements

- wrong background colors of downloads and add-ons (under some circumstances)
- Bookmarks, History and MultiPanel can be closed with Ctrl+W if used in a window
- theme compatibility fixes
- code fixes and improvements

Verze 0.7.10 387.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.5.*

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)

- theme compatibility fixes
- key mapping conflict with default shortcuts
- some pages zoomed when displayed in MultiPanel
- "Automatically Scroll to Selected Folder" (Bookmarks & History) doesn't work correct

Verze 0.7.9 386.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.1b3

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)

+ sidebarheader toolbar is fully customizable (except on Mac OS X)
+ preferences for the Downloads panel behavior when starting/finishing a download
+ preferences for enabling/disabling sidebar layout of bookmarks & history
+ settings can be copied to clipboard (Settings^ button in the options dialog)

* improved sidebar layout of Downloads, Add-ons, Page Info and Error Console
* removed Tools button from the Add-ons Manager
* removed Clear search button from Bookmarks & History
* shortcut for "Open Sidebar in Tab" changed to Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
* shortcut for "Open Tab in Sidebar" changed to Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
* improved theme compatibility
* minor improvements of the performance and of some features

- under some circumstances a bookmark opens automatically when closing a folder
- sometimes the Downloads panel is empty when starting a download
- the Downloads panel opens in each browser window when starting a download
- sometimes a window will open for a short time when starting a download
- cleaning the download list won't reset the downloads counter in the sidebarheader
- sometimes the progress indication of ongoing downloads does not work correctly
- flashing title of Downloads and Add-ons window when item counting is enabled
- empty Add-ons Manager opens in a window after installing add-ons and restarting
- duplicated toolbar items when AiOS Toolbar is placed above the sidebar
- restoring the default toolbar set of the AiOS Toolbar doesn't work
- sidebar isn't resizable when AiOS Toolbar is disabled
- require a double-click to open the sidebar when is set to be closed at startup
- toolbar buttons looked like activated, but no panel is open
- issues on Mac OS X (grey strip in "Full Screen Mode", wide sidebar splitter)
- compatibility issue with keyconfig (conflicting shortcuts)
- compatibility issue with Custom Buttons (deactivated buttons)
- compatibility issue with Autohide (no Sidebar Switch in Full Screen Mode, no sidebar when starting in Full Screen Mode)
- compatibility issue with TabSidebar (sidebar hides automatically)
- compatibility issue with FoxSaver (sidebar width is set to 0 pixel)
- compatibility issue with Forecastbar Enhanced (horizontal items on vertical toolbar)
- many code fixes, improvements and clean up

Verze 0.7.8 410.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.1b3pre

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)

+ Vietnamese (vi-VN) localization
+ new options for the about: button in the MultiPanel

* removed support for the DOM Inspector

- compatibility issue with StumbleUpon (sidebar is very wide and not resizeable)
- small screen rendering (MultiPanel) is not working
- Error Console doesn't open in sidebar when using the shortcut or Tools > Error Console
- Page Source and Page Info doesn't open in sidebar via the browser right-click menu

Verze 0.7.7 405.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 3.0 - 3.1b3pre

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)

+ Armenian, Romanian and Serbian localizations

* complete rewrite of the toolbar code
* toolbar can be placed on different locations around the sidebar
* toolbar supports different view modes
* toolbar is fully customizable (except on Mac OS X)
* new autohide button in the sidebarheader
* buttons in the sidebarheader can be enabled/disabled via the contextmenu
* removed extension items in the browser context menu and in the tools menu
* changing the sidebar orient didn't require a browser restart
* improved theme and Mac OS X compatibility (work in progress)
* improved performance

- sidebar collapsing will not work
- sidebar switch is hidden in fullscreen mode
- middle click on folder did not open all containing bookmarks
- invisible toolbarseparators and spaces in customizing mode
- sidebar panels are empty after opening and closing the print preview window
- sidebar bounces in and out when placing the bookmark items on the AiOS Toolbar
- compatibility issues with TotalToolbar (some small problems)
- compatibility issue with Hide Menubar (no option for the mainmenu toolbar)
- compatibility issue with WebChunks (WebChunks won't display webslices in its toolbar)
- minor code fixes and improvements

Verze 0.7.6 380.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)
* compatibility with Fx 3
- minor fixes

Verze 0.7.5 373.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0 - 3.0b5

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)
* updated localizations
* code optimizations
* compatibility with Fx 3 Beta 5
- several issues if opening a new window while the sidebar is closed (e.g. the bookmarks and the url bar doesn't work)
- Firefox will close completely if closing the print preview with the red x button while the sidebar is closed
- Mac OS X: doesn't show labels of selection buttons in Add-ons manager and PageInfo
- compatibility issue with PermaTabs (extension homepages opens in a PermaTab instead of a new tab)
- minor fixes

Verze 0.7.4 372.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0 - 3.0b4

(+ added, * changed, - fixed)
+ estonian (et-EE) localization (thanks to stabisol)
+ bookmark toolbar is vertical aligned when dragging it to the AiOS toolbar
* full compatibility with Fx 3 Beta 4 and Flock 1.1.*
- Flock: favorites and creation of new tabs doesn't work
- the sidebar collapsing feature doesn't work with Fx 3 Beta 4
- extension counting isn't correct
- compatibility issue with MileWideBack (MWB doesn't work when AiOS is moved to right)
- minor fixes

Verze 0.7.3 367.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0 - 3.0b3pre

# Mac OS X: Sidebar isn't reziseable, Sidebar Grippy doesn't work, toolbar can't be hiding
# compatibility issue with Traction Control, MultiSidebar, ScribeFire, Clipmarks and Zotero (page and source viewer of the MultiPanel are not working)
# minor fixes

Please visit my homepage for more information: http://firefox.exxile.net/aios/changelog.php

Verze 0.7.2 368.0 KiB Podporuje Firefox 2.0 - 3.0b2

# added localisations (arabic, belarusian, croatian)
# full compatibility with Gran Paradiso/Minefield (Fx 3) and Flock 1.0.*
# removed support for Fx 1.x
# "Remember and Focus Last Selected Folder" and "Automatically Scroll to Selected Folder" of bookmarks and history are no more experimental
# optimized sidebar layout (Downloads, Add-ons, Page Info, Error Console) only working in the sidebar
# various minor improvements
# fixed toolbar configuration on Mac OS X while AiOS is enabled (configuration of AiOS toolbar still doesn't work)
# fixed AiOS options dialog which was not closing on Mac OS X when opening via sidebar menu or keyboard shortcut
# fixed progress indication of ongoing downloads
# fixed compatibility issues with Console2, Personal Menu, MinimizeToTray, Gmail Manager, SiteBar
# various minor bug fixes

... and many more ...
Please visit my homepage for more information: http://firefox.exxile.net/aios/changelog.php