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  • Nothing has improved since a year ago, when the options stopped working. Basically, this add-on is currently useless. Please fix!

  • Unfortunately, in last FF 39.0.3, the Options board is broken with Aeon Colors activated :((
    Impossible to change any setting or from tab to tab.

  • With the advent of FF 29 and 29.0.1 came an unwanted full-screen line that shows up below Bookmarks toolbar. It happens on several devices. I tried removing the line via Customize but no relief. Please fix this.

    Odpověď vývojáře

    That line was part of the original default theme. It is not in Aeon Colors, but when the Restore Classic Theme extension is installed, the extension produces that line. If you have that extension, try disabling it and see if the line is still there. In any case, please email me directly with a screen shot.

    Edit: I have discovered the Tabs on Bottom (Australis) extension. All it does it put the tabs on the bottom -- no extra lines. I recommend that extension.

  • Hi Ed,
    There is only one problem with your add-0ns....choosing was nearly impossible!!
    I settled on Aeon colors and enjoy it every minute at my machine.
    Thanks for having your contributions ready to go with FF29!

  • it's my only and favourite theme. I simply don't like firefox without it ^^ And, yes - thank you for updating it!!

  • For those who prefer light over dark themes, this is perfect. The icons are clear, unique and animated- just click!

  • Nice and friendly with big enough icons for me with my poor eyes (eye actually!). I lve the back and forward buttons with the dinosaur and toadstool. Been using this for years - thanks for updating it.

  • I've used Aeon Colors for several years. It's the best! I haven't seen anything else as aesthetically well designed. -- Thanks, Ed!

  • Thanks, Ed, for updating Aeon Colors. My favourite theme back on screen!

  • Hola, me gusta mucho este tema y lo uso desde hace mucho tiempo. Pero recientemente he actualizado Firefox y ahora no puedo utilizarlo ya que no está actualizado. ¿Para cuando podremos seguir disfrutando este tema en Firefox 4.0?
    Gracias y un saludo!

  • if you don't like the theme why even comment on it or even be here wow but anyways i love this theme good work

  • I love the colors of this theme and how it changed a lot of different things but i was disappointed that i could not use a persona of my choice while using the aeon theme

  • I just don't like your themes not supporting the history dropdowns.

  • Great theme. Colourful, creative, yet functional. I especially like how the Bookmarks icons change to an "open book" when your cursor is over them. Tres kewl!

  • Aeon Colors is an excellent theme.

    I love the colors, icons and the pleasant look.

    Great work and keep going!!

    Thanks Ed!!

  • I really love this one even more with the dinosaur .

  • i love love love this add on. i have my most visited bookmarks on the bookmark tool bar, with no words next to the 100x100 gif symbol for each site. it looks awesome. just a beautiful simple row of gifs.

  • Magnificent. Not just eye candy (although it is VERY pleasing to look at.) This Theme is functional and alive! Thanks Mr Ed! I will check out everything you create.

  • Magnificent. Not just eye candy (although it is VERY pleasing to look at.) This Theme is functional and alive! Thanks Mr Ed! I will check out everything you create.

  • I like all the different color's.

  • I was so delighted when I came across this add-on Aeon colour. This is the second time I've change my theme and of to say Yes! you see I'm from the Caribbean so I love lots of colour.

    Well done! for all the effort you have made in putting such lovely theme together.


  • YES! If colors didn't matter, we would all still be using mono-chrome monitors! It's refreshing to see a little creativity mixed with a sense of nonsense. From rolling over items and changing them to the color highlites in the bookmarks menu this has it all. COLOR! Thanks for your efforts.
    Now if it could be cleared of the "only download who you can trust" message that I'm sure makes people at least hesitate before downloading because how do we know who we can trust. If it is offered through Moz, one would hope it was already cleared and it is worthy of trust without question.

  • Ed, your a genius when it comes to these themes! You seem to be on the same page as me - I love COLORS.....I am always looking for a theme that's loaded with bright colors, and pastels too. I have downloaded every single one of your themes at some given time. Please dont get lazy on us Ed, make us some more. We all just adore your themes! I sure do....The animation is the icing on the cake with the clicking of the buttons.....I love how they change colors....I can't say enough, so I'll stop now. I just love these!

  • I'm still grinning over some of the oddball icons.

  • Its good, animated icons make it cool
    and its fun.
    only one prob, the submenus are too small to read the dialogue, but what the hell

    i love the small size of the icons giving me lots of screen space.