Aeon Clouds still does not work even with the below setting change Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Rating would be the very top if it worked properly. I can't give a good rating when the only FF it works with is 37 and below. Otherwise, I love it.

Options still hangs. Tried advice from the former review:

Foiled by Firefox 38, Part Deux Rated 4 out of 5 stars
by gumby32 on May 14, 2015 ·

Seemed promising, but after installing FF latest version as of today, and using the above fix, again, I had to reinstall FF 37. Sure would like to see it work properly in the latest versions. And then it will deserve 10 stars.

No fix for options not working Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Options is still not working in firefox. A fix please? Otherwise the greatest theme for firefox ever.

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J'utilise ce module depuis longtemps, mais son évolution est en régression.
Impossible de fonctionner avec Classic Theme Restorer, ce qui n'était pas le cas avant.
Impossible de modifier les options: s'affichent mais ne peuvent être modifiées. Obligé de passer sur le thème par défaut pour y accéder.

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nice ... but colors is a little bright

Foiled by Firefox 38, Part Deux Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Eureka! After much research and experimentation, I found that using about:config to set the value of "browser.preferences.InContent" to false displays Options in the old floating window and allows them to work in Aeon Clouds. False was apparently the default before Firefox v38, but FF 38 changes the default value to true and thus opens Options in a fixed tab that does not presently work in Aeon Clouds.

The new default value of true (tab) in FF 38 does work with Firefox's default theme and several other themes, but not Aeon Clouds. For those of us willing to accept Options in the old floating window (false), Aeon Clouds can be made to work in Firefox 38. Alas, users who want Options in a tab (true) must either switch to a new theme to stay in FF 38 or else roll back to FF 37 in order to keep Aeon Clouds.

Because of this shortcoming, I award Aeon Clouds four stars for now. If and when Aeon Clouds is modified to also allow Options to function in a tab (true), then it will get the five-star rating it so richly deserves.

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Thank you for your efforts

I have tried your work-around and it does do the job. I will be gone for the next week, so I can't even start on a fix. It will take at least another week after I get back. Sorry for the hassle.

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Lovely theme. However the new Firefox 38 Options does not work with this theme. There is a workaround in about:config where you can restore the old style Options.

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Both Aeon Colors and Aeon Clouds - are the loveliest cutest FF themes that have ever been. As for me, they are just perfect.

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Hi. The theme interferes with the setting 'plugins.click_to_play' in FF 16.0.1. The old message is displayed on the video and clicking on it does not enable the plugin.

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Please email me so I can try to reproduce your problem and fix it. If it's a problem for this theme, it will be a problem for eight or nine themes.

Thanks. Any time you find a bug, email me and tell me.

v6.0 not compatible with Firefox v12 Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

I love Aeon Clouds--I've happily used it for years. Pleasant colors, easy on the eyes.

I have Firefox 12.0, which TOLD me there was an update to Aeon Clouds. So I updated from version 5.0 to version 6.0, but it is NOT COMPATIBLE with Firefox 12, so I lost the theme. Finally I realized I could just reinstall Aeon Clouds 5.0, and now I'm back to a nice theme with pretty colors, not that horrid grey default monstrosity.

Moral of the story: don't ever update a theme or add-on you love just because Firefox tells you an update is available, because it stupidly doesn't bother to check first if it's compatible.

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Great advice for all of us

Sandlerf has great advice for all of us: we should check out the updates for compatibility before we apply them.

The Aeon and Scribblies themes, along with Halloween, were updated for Firefox 14 to version 6. If you have a version 5 it is only compatible with Firefox versions 5-13.

That said, Mozilla Add-ons has a Bugzilla for bugs like this. Users of any Firefox version like sandlerf should not be offered incompatible versions of their Add-ons.

Hack to make it work in 14.0.1 (use at own risk) Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

This has been my theme for almost a decade, but I just had a FireFox update and now it's broken. I'm sure it would still work, but due to FireFox calling every minor bug fix a new release version there is some number somewhere that needs to be changed in a config file to get it working agian, and unfortunately I don't know where that is.
If someone can post a 'how to fix' to this review page, please do, so I can get my Aeon Clouds back again.
btw, Ed, awesome job on the theme!

OK I figured out how to bring it back to life, use these instructions at your own risk.
I run on Kubuntu (KDE Ubuntu Linux) so my paths might be a bit different.
In the home folder go to .mozilla/firefox/(your profile)/extensions
There will be .xpi files with the names in Hex code (a jumble of lettes and numbers). My copy of Aeon Clouds started with FDE3F... but that may not be the case for everyone.
Open the .xpi file with Archive Manager (Ark didn't work well), or WinZip or whatever else you might have.
Open the install.rdf file with Kate (or gedit or notepad). The name of the extension will be listed in the file, confirm it's the one you want.
On the MaxVersion line it did say 5.0.1.*
I simply put a 1 infront of the 5 to make it compatible up to version 15 (next month I guess).
Save the file and update the archive.
Restart Firefox if it was open during this, select your theme, enable and restart firefox again.
TaDa! the dinosaur will now scare you when you hit the forwards button again.

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Aeon Clouds works with Apple OS 10.6.7 and Firefox 4.0 Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

iMac, OS 10.6.7

I installed FF 4.0 over FF 3.6.15 with Aeon Clouds as the theme. Aeon Clouds seems to be displaying absolutely normally in FF 4.0, despite all the warnings on this website. The Tools, Add-ons page says Aeon Clouds is incompatible, and the only option shown is to 'Remove' it. Don't do that unless you truly want to no longer use Aeon Clouds. If you do, the only way to get Aeon Cloud back into FF 4.0 is to re-install FF 3.6.15; add Aeon Clouds; and then upgrade to FF 4.0.

I contacted the author of this great theme, and he confirmed that the Windows version is not compatible with FF 4.0. So, Mac users apparently can continue using this theme.

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Absolutely Absolute!!

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Wonderful - no garish colours yet not dark either. Just the right balance for being different to the default theme without being over the top. Well done!

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Aeon collection is cool!
unfortunately, I do not like the MOUSE-OVER button images of the arrow (forward/back) icons and history!
Cloud background is nice!

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The Aeon collection is absolutely the best.
The Icons are easy to see and fun to look at. I love the surprise images when clicking the forward and back buttons. Also my search history drops down when I right click these buttons. It's easy on the eyes and makes me happy every time I look at it. Thank you very much.

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Many thanks for the 3.6 version.
This add-on is so much easier on the eyes that you seem to navigate much quicker.

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This theme is fantastic! I absolutely adore it. Especially the home, forward and back buttons! Thank you so much :)

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I love the pretty blue background. Great job!

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dropdown menu for googletoolbar Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

The drop down menu for edit googlebookmark with googletoolbar (xp sp3) is missing in version 3.2.Works in 3.05.I really digg the theme

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