Ad Limiter 3.0.1

Zásady ochrany osobních údajů

AdLimiter "phones home" to SiteTruth's servers, but tells us as little as possible. AdLimiter sends the domain name associated with each new search result link you see to SiteTruth. Thus, we can tell what links the search engines have shown you, but cannot tell what web pages you have been viewing or the search keywords you used. We can't tell if you click on a link. AdLimiter does not use "cookies" or any other user identifiable information other than your current IP address. We do not use this data for marketing purposes, or sell it.

If we change any of this, the changes will not take effect until you download and install a new version of AdLimiter .

AdLimiter retains a 7-day cache of sites rated.

In Private Browsing mode. there is no communication with the SiteTruth servers.

Note (April 2, 2013): due to a change in Private Browsing in Firefox, version 1.5.1 of Ad Limiter, when used with Firefox 20, operated on Private Browsing pages. This is fixed in Ad Limiter 1.6, which is being automatically downloaded to Ad Limiter users with automatic updating enabled.

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