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Proč byl The Sea App vytvořen?

The short answer to the reason we developed The Sea App is we saw a gap in the market for a product that we eventually invented and decided to just go for it. Not only that but it is a product that helps people save money, which makes our work even more rewarding. We are a group that is constantly brainstorming, thinking of new products, and how to improve things. We came up with this one mainly from being big online shoppers ourselves, and decided it was time to save the world money.

Co je dalšího u The Sea App plánováno

It begins with an idea, and then it becomes something else. We are currently making drastic improvements to The Sea App to give the online shopper all the tools they need to find the best prices in the least amount of time. In the upcoming months we will be searching more of your favorite stores in real time, providing you the least expensive product results from categories including electronics, jewelry, clothing, toys, furniture, office supplies, books & magazines, and sports equipment.

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