usi (User|Unified Script Injector) Nevyžaduje restart

nutze UserScripts auf deinem Firefox für Android mit usi!

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Přidáno March 25, 2015

Grab Web Page Add-on Nevyžaduje restart

Generate summary from current web page or get selected text from current page and save to your knowledge base powered by ibrainext.com

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Přidáno February 8, 2015

NewTab&Swipe Navigation Nevyžaduje restart

Open links in new tabs to avoid reloading when using the Back button. Specially useful in android where Firefox always reloads the previous page when going back. Swiping with one finger to the left or right shows the previous or next tab respectively

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Přidáno January 2, 2015

Smarter Scrolling Nevyžaduje restart

Flick your finger quickly up or down to scroll right to the top or bottom of the page

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Přidáno November 11, 2014

Skip adf.ly skip!! Nevyžaduje restart

Add-on che permette di saltare autonomamente la pubblicità di adf.ly.
L'add-on è in grado di caricare la pagina con pubblicità di adf.ly e reindirizzarti direttamente al sito desiderato immediatamente senza tempi di attesa e senza click dello "SKIP"

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Přidáno September 14, 2014

Issue Pigeon Nevyžaduje restart

Try the issue-pigeon menu entry after selecting some broken links or text errors.
The Issue Pigeon just might find its way home.

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Přidáno September 1, 2014

Toggle JavaScript Enabled Nevyžaduje restart

Toggle whether JavaScript is enabled globally or not. Adds a menu entry and an icon to the URL/title bar.

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Přidáno August 18, 2014

Show Title and URL for Android Nevyžaduje restart

This addon provides to show Title and URL and copy it quickly

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Přidáno July 23, 2014

gfycat Companion for Firefox Mobile Nevyžaduje restart

Save some internet bandwidth. The gfycat companion for Firefox Mobile

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Přidáno January 10, 2014

mozCleaner Nevyžaduje restart

Cleans your Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Fennec (unstable), Instantbird and BlueGriffon.

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Přidáno August 13, 2013

Open Link in Zombie Tab Nevyžaduje restart

Add an option to open a link in a new tab without loading the page until you switch to the tab.

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Přidáno June 20, 2013

No More .org Nevyžaduje restart

No More .org prevents Firefox from loading websites with .org in the URL. This add-on was made for testing in Firefox

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Přidáno May 24, 2013

Bluhell Firewall Nevyžaduje restart Doporučené

Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector.

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Přidáno May 24, 2013

Mobile Image Blocker Nevyžaduje restart

Blocks images from web pages on your mobile device

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Přidáno May 24, 2013

CleanQuit (Mobile) Nevyžaduje restart

Clean up the mess and quit! This extension brings back the good old quit button to life as well as the ability to clean what you wish at the same time.

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Přidáno April 9, 2013

about:addons-memory Nevyžaduje restart

Adds an about:addons-memory page that details add-on memory usage

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Přidáno February 28, 2013

[privacy]defense Nevyžaduje restart

[privacy]defense makes your browsing experience faster and cleaner by detecting and blocking privacy threats commonly found on web pages. This browser extension includes a comprehensive database of threat signatures that is updated daily.

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Přidáno February 15, 2013

JX Picturesettings Nevyžaduje restart

Save bandwith by disable pictures.

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Přidáno February 12, 2013

Google Search Link Fix for Mobile and Desktop Nevyžaduje restart

Fix the Google Search result links.

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Přidáno January 21, 2013

Quit Firefox (for mobile) Nevyžaduje restart

Enables the user to quit Firefox on-demand.

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Přidáno January 10, 2013