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Open With Opera Nevyžaduje restart

Open With Opera sends pages, links, tabs and images from Mozilla Firefox to Opera.

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EmbedUpdater Nevyžaduje restart

Updates video embeds in third-party websites to make use of HTML5 video playback. Supports Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

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Send to Mail Nevyžaduje restart

Share the current webpage via email

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NewTab&Swipe Navigation Nevyžaduje restart

Open links in new tabs to avoid reloading when using the Back button. Specially useful in android where Firefox always reloads the previous page when going back. Swiping with one finger to the left or right shows the previous or next tab respectively

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APIdog LongPoll Nevyžaduje restart

Это расширение позволит Вам использовать стабильный LongPoll на сайте APIdog.

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Mozilla WebVR Enabler Nevyžaduje restart

Enables WebVR support in recent Firefox Nightly builds, avoiding the need to make about:config changes.

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Console Nevyžaduje restart

Adds an error console in the browser

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AddCertificate Nevyžaduje restart

Application permettant d'importer un certificat utilisateur dans le Keystore de Firefox.
Indispensable pour la version Android

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Video Assistant Nevyžaduje restart

Play embedded videos in external player

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Cache Tool for Android Nevyžaduje restart

Add Cache Tool into Firefox Tools menu

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New Tab For Android Nevyžaduje restart

Adds the New Tab button to the URL bar

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MyFastBooking Nevyžaduje restart

Automate your ticket booking with greater Speed. Just book your tatkal tickets easily to win the competition. It's as simple as you have to just enter captcha. Just visit

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Gallery Plus Nevyžaduje restart

Show Trade Me gallery photos for all listings

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Mobile Screenshot Nevyžaduje restart

Screenshot add-on for web pages in Firefox for Android. Adds a menu entry to save a snapshot image of the current page into the default download directory. Uses code from TakaChan's Fennec Screenshot add-on, which ceased to work.

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Free Haaretz Nevyžaduje restart

A nefarious extension that easily bypasses the Haaretz paywall

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NextPage for mobile Nevyžaduje restart

A button in the navigation toolbar,auto find and navigate to the next page for you.It works for all sites.

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539 uživatelů mobile video Nevyžaduje restart

This extension allows to play video at for mobile phones without flash player installed.

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бойкот Партії Регіонів Nevyžaduje restart

Boycott web resources belonging to members of the Party of Regions. Бойкот web ресурсів, що належать членам Партії Регіонів (Україна). Виводитиме повідомлення при потраплянні на ці сайти.
Based onБойкот_Партії_регіонів

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tabPreLoader Nevyžaduje restart

Preloads neighboring tabs of the currently active tab if they are pending to be reloaded after a restart of Firefox. These tabs are preloaded in the background.

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ObliviousSession Nevyžaduje restart

Cleaning up after closing the session.

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